Madeleine – Donna Hill

Donna Hill is the next witness to be considered, and here some sense of what Scotland Yard was up to in Dec 2014 begins to emerge.

Donna gets a single mention in the PJ Files. Via Silvia Batista, Donna was contacted by the PJ on 4 May 2007, to get a list of staff working in the crèche facilities. Donna was the manager of these, and she gave the PJ the names of 13 staff. As it so happened, her 13 omitted Charlotte Pennington, but that was not actually what the PJ was after.

Two of the child-minders involved with Madeleine were able to confirm the check-in and check-out times for her that day. The PJ now had witnesses saying Madeleine was checked out at 5:30pm.

The diligence that covers this contact with Donna names her as Donna Louise Rafferty-Hill.

There is no statement from Donna Rafferty-Hill is the PJ Files, no matter how you handle her surname

Donna’s involvement in the case appears tenuous but at least there is some insight here. If she never gave a formal statement then it is one of those things that needs to be ticked off.

There is nothing to indicate that she went to Luz when the call came through that Madeleine had disappeared. John Hill, the resort manager, did appear on site.

Therefore, although the connection is there, it is hardly smoking gun stuff. When did the telephone call come through? When did John set off? Why didn’t you join in the search for a missing child?

This makes sense, but it is about as basic as it gets. There is absolutely zero to connect Donna to the 4 arguidos of July 2014, and virtually nothing to connect her to the Dec 2014 witnesses (relationship with John Hill aside) and basically zero to suggest she could add to what Scotland Yard knew about Madeleine’s disappearance.

Roughly speaking, SY are still akin to chickens scratching in the dirt.

Donna does us one favour. With a double-barrelled surname, she pops up on Facebook as easy as you can type. If you want to check out what the Ocean Club gets up to these days, she is a manager there and is promoting it on her home page.

Note re graphic. Baptista supermarket is about 100m south of the Tapas entrance, not 300m.

Luz OC June 2015


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