Madeleine – Paulo Ribeiro

The fourth arguido from July 2014 is Paulo Jorge Ribeiro.

Despite all the publicity in the Madeleine McCann case, desperately little is known about this man, and what there is seems to be speculation in the media.

Whilst José da Silva and Ricardo Rodrigues were photographed (allegedly) entering the PJ headquarters in Faro after being made arguidos, I cannot find an equivalent photo of Paulo Ribeiro.

This may be due to his name. Again Paulo Ribeiro or Paulo Jorge Ribeiro are common names, so searching for them is a needle in a haystack job. However, he did not enter the public awareness in this manner. He was named in Correio da Manhã and Jornal de Notícias, with Correio da Manhã claiming to have seen the International Letter of Request (ILOR).

The Correio da Manha report was replete with basic errors, so if the ILOR was seen, it does not appear to have been reported accurately.

Here is a summary of the alleged ‘facts’ about Paulo Jorge Ribeiro.

  • He was about 44 at the time Madeleine went missing.

  • He was in telephone contact with arguido Ricardo Rodrigues. This was on 2 May or 4 May, depending on the media source.

  • He is, or was, a heroin addict.

  • He is a schizophrenic.

  • His behaviour was strange around the time Madeleine disappeared.

  • He might be part of a charity collector pair reported by a British couple.

  • He might be a man seen around apartment 5A in the run-up to Madeleine’s disappearance.

Quite obviously one’s age, or living nearby, is insufficient to make someone an arguido. I will pass on how old he is or where he lived.

Moving on to the phone call, Correio da Manhã makes it 12:08 on 2 May 2007. There is no explanation as to why this call or this time is significant, and I cannot see anything to make it suspicious. The Express dated the call to 4 May 2007, and again gave no explanation as to why the call or call time was significant. Again, if a call took place at 12:08 on 4 May 2007 between Ricardo Rodrigues and Paulo Ribeiro, I cannot see anything to make it suspicious.

Next up is ‘heroin addict’. I have no idea about how truthful this is. The Madeleine case runs rife with tales of burglaries, paedophiles and drug addicts. It could be based on fact, or it could be pure media speculation. Since I have no evidence to offer on this point, I will move on.

The next item is ‘schizophrenic’. Is this relevant? Actually, it probably is. Look up schizophrenia for yourself, and two things should stand out. First, the condition is long lasting. If Paulo is schizophrenic now, then the probability is he was schizophrenic in 2007. Second, schizophrenia boiled down to basics is a difficulty in telling apart reality and imagination. Decide for yourself whether this is an asset for a burglar. Or whether if you were part of a team conducting burglaries, you’d want to work with a schizophrenic.

The following suggestion for his status as arguido is that his behaviour was strange around the time Madeleine disappeared. If I think about this point I have to ask myself what is ‘normal’ behaviour for a schizophrenic, if reality and imagination blurs into one? The searches by the locals, the massive police presence, the massive media presence – does that define ‘normal’? This is one of those queries hurled at the McCanns that I have no truck with – did they behave abnormally after Madeleine disappeared? If it is a fruitless question with respect to the McCanns then I cannot see it should be asked of Paulo Ribeiro.

Moving on again we come to charity collector pair reported by British couple. The only reference I can find in the PJ Files to a pair of charity collectors is by Rex and Iris Morgan. Both Rex and Iris give an age for the younger collector that is a decent fit for Ricardo Rodrigues. However, the elder collector is reported as around 30 (Paulo was 44). Rex was unable to make an e-fit. Iris made a single e-fit, reproduced below. To me it looks like it is meant to be the younger man, but Iris’ statement makes it look like it is the older charity collector.

Iris Morgan 15VOLUMEXVa_Page_4012

Please note Heriberto Janosch at EspacioExterior posted earlier today on this point, raising the question as to whether this charity collector duo was Ricardo Rodrigues and José da Silva. This is a much better age fit for the pair. However, Iris Morgan describes the older collector with curly hair, and her e-fit shows curly hair, whilst the best photo I have seen of José da Silva is with straight hair.

If you wish to earn a bonus point, please go back to the e-fit Iris Morgan made, and this time check out the date at which she made it.

So, for Ricardo Rodrigues we have no e-fit, and a poor quality photo when he entered Faro PJ station in July 2014. While for Paulo Ribeiro, we have a potential e-fit but no photo to match it against.

The last point is that he might be a man seen around apartment 5A in the run-up to Madeleine’s disappearance. This is so vague it could mean anything. What it is not is enough to make someone an arguido.

There is no direct connection between José da Silva and Paulo Ribeiro. It pivots via Ricardo Rodrigues. Unless Ricardo Rodrigues was up to his neck in crime or drugs, and I have no evidence that this was the case, then I am still at a loss to work out why this trio were made arguidos.

This brings me to the end of the 4 people made arguidos in July 2014, and I am still struggling to work out what required this status in Portuguese law. Perhaps there is more in the phone traffic than has leaked. Perhaps more came out of the Oct 2013 Crimewatch than has leaked.

At the moment with what did leak, I am just not getting 2 plus 2 to add up to 4. Sergey Malinka seemed to be a duff call. Linking José da Silva to Ricardo Rodrigues to Paulo Ribeiro appears to be another fail.

I do not have a history of when the ILORs were issued or approved, and that lack may prove significant. However, in a short period of time, June and July of 2014, Scotland Yard appears to have been involved in one shambles in digging up central Luz, followed by a second shambles, in which 4 people were constituted arguidos, but with little or no progress.


7 thoughts on “Madeleine – Paulo Ribeiro

  1. It’s not necessarily the case that SY/Met have made little or no progress… and the digs could have been inspired… and maybe they didn’t make a balls of the Malinka situation… and perhaps the 3 amigos arguidos are just the kind of burglars to snatch a child… we don’t know. Only they know how much progress they have made.

    BUT… if reports are true that they did indeed contact the Australian police over the dead child in a suitcase found in SA, that would perhaps suggest they might not have any clue whatsoever about who is responsible for the abduction.

    ‘oooh, Chief Inspector… I knew it! Australia! It was the Aussie Posh Spice what done it. Promotions all round, lads!’

    • At the moment, despite the fact that SY said the effort last year was precisely targeted, I believe they are in fact still at the stage of covering all bases.

      The news of the Australian find fits this. So if SY did not get in touch with Australia to eliminate Madeleine from this then they would be slacking.

      I do not expect the Australia news to be Madeleine related. However, it looks like 43 kids (presumably missing) have been ruled out so far. Whilst there is still a dead child who has not been identified. These stats are very grim indeed.

      • I disagree… the fact that they were reportedly hopping on a plane really suggests they have not got any strong leads at the moment.

        The dead child is not Madeleine, BTW. It has been confirmed.

  2. I haven’t seen a report of them hopping on a plane.

    I have said SY under Andy Redwood seemed to be checking everything, rather than honing in on certain lines of investigation.

    If the dead child has been confirmed as being not Madeleine, please link to a source. At the moment, I am seeing the Australian authorities saying that connecting this to Madeleine is speculation, But I have not seen anything saying they have ruled Madeleine out.


    It’s in just about every paper known to man since last night. Here’s the newest chronologically. Happens to be Irish.

    What we agree upon is the covering all bases… but to me that was acceptable at the start of the investigation, and not now.

    Ruling this case out is fine… but the reports suggest it was seen as a viable solution. If they were closing in on a suspect, or a site, I think the reaction would have been very different. Not packing suitcases and going walkabout.

  4. After reading your comment I checked on BBC and found that they had the story ruling Madeleine out around 9 hours ago.

    I don’t follow every news story on Madeleine. Probably the opposite. I let folks or sources chew over developments until I am reasonably sure of what is going on.

    I therefore hold my hand up as guilty as charged.

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