Madeleine v CEOP on Wayback #2

Have you read the first part of the article? 

Q4. I am not a technical expert. How can I trust you?

Please don’t trust me. In the battle of the technical warriors over the CEOP issue, the ‘trust me’ card has been played several times. Instead of trusting me, please go and check for yourself.

First simple check. Look at the live data for WM for CEOP on 27 April 2007 and 14 May 2007. http.// using

Here’s what I got for 27 April 2007.

CEOP 20070427

The page shows 5 news stories from 24 Apr 2007 back to 5 March 2007, with the stories in reverse date order.

Here’s what I got for 14 May 2007.

CEOP 20070514

It looks like the 27 April 2007 page, with the exception that in ‘Latest news’ all news stories have been dropped in favour of a special on Madeleine McCann, with some parts in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

So what can we make of the 30 Apr 2007 page? Here is what I got when I saved it.

CEOP 20070430

It shows under ‘Latest news’ 3 stories in reverse date order, from 23 Oct 2007 back to 1 Oct 2007. This is the same format as the 27 April page, and it looks to originate some time after 23 Oct 2007, despite the fact is has a save date of 30 April 2007.

Towards the bottom of the page is a link, showing as

This link does not appear on the 14 May page.

Before 30 Apr 2007, the WM captures look OK and immediately after 30 Apr 2007 the WM captures look OK. The 30 Apr 2007 has news stories from October 2007, and a link that ‘disappears’ from May 14 on. The 30 Apr 2007 page is not a good fit for neighbour pages.

Second simple check. Move forward, to find out if and when CEOP stopped using the Madeleine special layout of 14 May 2007, and reverted back to its normal layout, as per 27 Apr 2007.

If you check the 6 June 2007, note that there is a news item from 14 May 2007. In summary, on that day a sex offender was given 12 months in jail for failing to comply with requirements of the offenders register. So, by 6 June, stories other than about Madeleine were returning to the CEOP page, though the largest space was reserved for her disappearance.

10 June 2007 to 30 Sep 2007 tell us mainly about the frequency of captures. However, no page has news from the future. The news articles on the 30 April page have not turned up.

2 Oct 2007. The news story dated 1 Oct 2007 has now appeared. There is no ‘Help find Madeleine McCann’ header on the page yet. The WM is working fine.

On 9 Oct 2007, the news article dated 31 Aug 2007 is dropped. A news article dated 8 Oct 2007 appears. The 8 Oct 2007 article did not appear on the 30 April 2007 page.

Check out the next capture, on 12 Oct 2007. Notice that the news article for 8 Oct has been removed.

CEOP 20071012

This page is similar to the 30 Apr 2007 page, right down to the fact that “Help find Madeleine McCann” is not a link, just a heading. However, as expected, it does not have the news story from 23rd Oct that shows on the April 30 page, so it is still out of date. The makes its first appearance.

The page also has large blanks in the left and right columns, as per the 30 Apr 2007 capture. If you are modestly technical, you can view the source for the 12 Oct 2007 page. This shows that the large blanks are due to the fact that the CEOP page has been altered to include Adobe Flash videos. In the page that I saved for 30 Apr 2007, this same feature appears in the source code.

So the format and content of the 12 Oct capture is a near perfect match to the rogue 30 Apr capture. However, as the 30 Apr capture has a news item dated 23 Oct 2007, we are looking for a capture dated 23 Oct or later.

The next WM capture is 6 Feb 2008. That is a big gap, suggesting that the WM was having issues. This looks like the page is corrupted, but I cannot be certain. It may simply be another change of format.

Shortly after that, from 19 Mar 2008, the WM captures revert to text, rather than a graphic layout. It is clear that the WM is having major issues with CEOP.

This runs until sometime in September 2010, when the WM is told not to use, but to use instead. Graphics are restored on the new site.

So, there is a big gap between 12 Oct 2007 and 6 Feb 2008, and it looks like the CEOP trail is corrupt from around 12 Oct 2007 on. The rogue 30 Apr 2007 entry seems to date to 23 Oct 2007 or sometime soon after.

There is more to come in the next part, but it is time for a break.


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