Has WordPress gone gay?

I got told just a few hours ago that Portugal has just announced that May 17 is now to be its official Gay Day, on the basis that countries around the world do the same on the same day.

After a bit of ruminating, as I was busy cooking dinner, I asked when Stonewall occurred. This on the basis that I believe a lot of gay days are held on the anniversary of Stonewall.

Whilst I was still making the meal, the answer came back that Stonewall was on 29 Jun 1979. Please don’t quote me on either date. My mind was on the white beans with garlic, the pork picanha with chilli and the salad. So I may have got the date of Portugal’s newly adopted gay day and Stonewall wrong.

Anyhow, after the meal was over I decided to have a quick zip around the Internet and that included a check on ShiningInLuz to see if anything was up. And so it seems.

The stats page has changed from its normal default look, which I have never seen alter before. But right now the banner across the top of the page has changed, a la Google. It is a rainbow stripe. OK, it is 6 colours rather than the seven of a rainbow, but it certainly looks like a rainbow banner to me.

Wordpress 20150626

Combine that with the fact that the Stonewall anniversary is upon us, and I have to conclude that WordPress has gone gay.

As to why Portugal has picked May 17th, that one still baffles me.

The beans and the salad were excellent. The pork picanha was a bit on the tough side, but you can’t have everything.


One thought on “Has WordPress gone gay?

  1. WordPress has the rainbow because people are celebrating today’s court ruling that declares it unconstitutional for any state in the US to forbid same-sex marriage!

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