Luz – Festas de Santos Populares

It is party time in Luz. The holidays of popular saints are here. The 19th to 21st June, and one week later, the 26th to 28th June.

Due to commitments, I don’t have the time to get anything live this weekend. Perhaps next weekend will be better.

It is one of the moments when just a little bit of Portugal invades Luz. Festas de Santos Populares is common in Portugal, but Luz is more like the UK, Germany or Ireland than it is Iberia.  Now we get Portuguese culture, music and food.

So around the Fortaleza, everything was due to kick off about an hour ago.

One of our local commentators, Hugo Silva, posted the 2014 event. Apparently it suffered a bit by going head to head with the World Cup.

I cannot say about that, but for the moment, here is a photo from Hugo’s site, on the 2014 Festas de Santos Populares.

Festas-dos-Santos 2014


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