Where’s the party?

For half the party goers, its easy. Get on the minibus in Luz at the crack of dawn, belt down the A22 to the Spanish border crossing, speed east past Huelva on the E5 to Seville, turn south towards Jerez, then look for the ferry port of Algeciras. You do it this way because it seems the Spanish don’t like to put Gibraltar on their road signs.

Perhaps they like you to get the Spanish ferries to North Africa rather that the Gibraltar ones. Tangier (Africa) and Ceuta (Spain in Africa) are just a short sail away.

Luz to Gibraltar

Note the helpful annotation on the route map. 470Km in 4hr 38 minutes. A lot of the route is on roads limited to 100kph or less. Then there’s two border crossing on top – Portugal to Spain, and Spain to Britain.

The locals reckon 5 to 6 hours if you put your right foot down.

For the other half of the party, it is SO much easier. Get on the plane at London Heathrow. Touch down at Gibraltar International Airport. None of this mucking about with border crossings.

Algeciras Gibraltar

Gibraltar International Airport is that big grey strip E-W at the north end of Gibraltar.

As it happens, both the party goers from Portugal and the party goers from Britain have to walk or drive across that runway. It seems they shut it for aircraft landings much like rural train crossings shut down, when there is one incoming or outgoing.


OK, we’re all in Gib. Where’s the party?  (The clue is in the photo.)


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