Luz Triathlon – RIP Diane Thomas

I have posted at least twice that a rumour that a woman had died in the 2015 Luz Triathlon was incorrect.

I now have to admit wholeheartedly and without reservation that I was wrong.

On 25 April 2015, Diane Thomas took part on the 2nd annual Luz Triathlon. She was in the shorter event, the sprint triathlon, which kicked off before the senior event for elite athletes. It was Diane’s first triathlon.

I was on the beach taking amateur photos as the sprint triathlon started. I have a couple of photos that appear to show Diane going into the Atlantic. Both are poor quality so I’d like to run with a much better photo.

I waited on the beach until the elite competitors had entered the swim leg, and the sprint competitors were coming back onto the beach.

I saw, and heard, absolutely nothing of consequence. I must have been looking in her direction, but the truth is I saw nothing untoward whatsoever.

Diane was 57, from London. She was swimming with a friend who is a lifeguard. Around 10 minutes into the swim, she rolled onto her back. Her lifeguard companion performed CPR immediately after this. She was taken to Portimão hospital, but she never regained consciousness.

I apologise again for getting this story completely wrong.

My condolences got to Diane’s family, John O’Brien (her partner for 30+ years), her daughter Beth and her son Tom, and to her friends.

Diane is on the right of this photo, shortly before the swim started.

Diane Thomas Luz 2015 on R

RIP Diane Thomas.


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