Madeleine v burglaries and drugs

While I was looking for something else entirely, I found this.  I prefer not to take the time to work it up to a full article.  What struck me was 1) Portimão and Lagos got the PSP (uniform officers for built up areas) whilst Luz got the GNR (uniform officers for non-built up areas, even though the local GNR station is in Lagos).

2) The rampant burglaries and drugs scene in the locality (or not if you prefer), but no mention of crime ridden Luz.  I wonder where the GNR site is? Maybe that would tell me about crime in Luz?

Nice pic of the promenade at Portimão.

Portimão promenade
Portimão promenade

The article is at

Unless this article is lying through its teeth, I am just not getting the Scotland Yard idea of rampant burglaries, the S&S idea of rampant burglaries, or the media idea that Luz is awash with drugs.


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