Madeleine – mobile phone coverage

I make a simple and sincere offer to all my visitors.  A Wordpress blog is not the most interactive base in existence in 2015, so if you (yes, YOU) raise a comment or idea that conforms to 2 simple tests, I will be happy to post it up as a new thread.

Test 1.  It has to be legal.

Test 2. It has to be civil.

Here is an example.  One person has been working on the phone maps I have constructed.  Said person can identify the source, or remain anonymous, as is this person’s right.

The graphic shows transmitters around Luz, and their potential range.

“I am attaching the map. Very rough indeed, to give only an idea… I consider the power of the masts similar to each other. And I focused on the three PdL antennas, which I believe are A, B, C … The yellow lines means when two antennas have the same coverage. So a mobile phone in zone A would activate antenna A, etc.”



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