Madeleine – Luz phone records

What is in the PJ Files on the phone records in and around Luz?

It appears there were three mobile phone operators in the region, namely Optimus, TMN and Vodaphone.

This fits in well with the way things worked in 2007. It was the standard that any mast would have 3 operators getting one-third of the data channels each. At this level of analysis, things are looking good.

Here’s where I hit bumpier waters. The PJ investigation focussed on two groups. One was the Tapas 9. The other was Robert Murat and acquaintances.

I have little interest in either group. I am interested in what was captured, if anything, in a widespread trawl of phone records, before, during, and after the disappearance of Madeleine.

Current news stories suggest that Scotland Yard has access to information of this kind i.e. widespread phone activity in the general vicinity of Luz in the days surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance.

As a consequence, I have to work out from the data that is available to me, and what might be available to Scotland Yard.

A long time ago I posted a map showing the mobile phone masts in the vicinity of Luz It is time to update that map. The PJ records for the Tapas 9 and the Murat circle go from Portimão in the east to at least as far as Budens or Raposeira to the west.

This should help to tie down the masts within that area.

What is does not tie down is whether the preserved records have full information for that geographical spread. Or whether the records cover a day, or a few days, or a month. Any time span is a media guesstimate.

It’s time to hunt the masts.


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