An open letter to Textusa

I made a number of useful comments on your blog, and they are there for all to see that I was both polite and informative.

Then I made a comment, again polite and informative, and it died without getting published.  I have no problem with this.  It’s your blog and you moderate it.

All I decided at that time was simple.  If I was contributing to your blog in a polite and simple way, then getting moderated out, I might as well not contribute.

That is exactly what I did.  I simply stopped contributing.  Nothing more or nothing less.  I did not write anything critical on my blog, in fact since that date I have continued to praise what you have unearthed.

Now you have reached the stage of quoting large exerts from my blog without naming my blog, whilst criticising the content.

Judging by the quotes, you appear to think that you and I are in a battle over whether the Ocean Club records were doctored, or whether OCR misinterpretations are to blame.

We are not.  I am in territory way beyond this, so I will leave the doctored or OCR errors field entirely to you.  I need to focus on more important considerations.

I would appreciate it if, when you quote a part of my blog, you quote the source, rather than referring to me as an unnamed blogger or someone you have already explained you don’t wish to mention.  It is kind of rude when you don’t.

Here’s the bottom line, Textusa.  I get roughly the same number of views in a month as you get in day.

What’s your problem?


3 thoughts on “An open letter to Textusa

  1. Why do you think Textusa quotes your blog without naming it ? I don’t know him but perhaps he tries to avoid an open conflict with you. What made me laugh is your last sentence. I get about the same number of views in a year as you get in a day ! I don’t think it’s only a question of language barrier.

  2. I work in a particular manner, and that manner is very important, so please let me try to describe it.

    First, I do not have a single theorem about what happened. I think there are several alternative possibilities. Some of these alternatives are more likely, and some are less likely.

    When I interact with other people, I am trying hard to see if I can improve the theorem they have. If I can improve on their theorem, then surely we have taken a step forward.

    I am confident you know of a number of influential people on this topic, and the view they take. And with a range of alternative theorems, it seems to me to be important not to dismiss something out of hand, but rather to try hard to see if such could be feasible.

    As to Textusa, I was doing the same, suggesting minor improvements that clarified a theorem. All went well for a few times, and I got thanked for my constructive input. So far, so good.

    Then Textusa did some post which involved a reference to a trip to the beach, one that could not possibly have occurred as it involved a route through a cul-de-sac. I commented that although the route is a cul-de-sac for cars, Google streetview clearly showed a pedestrian exit.

    That comment on Textusa was suppressed, and several further comments I made were suppressed.

    Then I got one quote on Textusa, criticised (no problem with that) but with no reference to source (whilst simultaneously referencing notTextusa). That one I let pass.

    The second time was where I got a second, large quote on Textusa, without naming me. The bulk of the post was about notTextusa, quoting and naming notTextusa, while I got a large slab of my blog quoted, without naming me.

    To all intents and purposes, I am banned from Textusa, whilst my material may be lifted by Textusa as and when, without crediting me.

    Here the really funny thing about this little circus.

    I read Textusa. I have always said that I read Textusa. I have always given credit to Textusa for churning up information that had not registered on my radar.

    So, what has Textusa been up to recently? A visit to Luz! Where it was discovered that Luz is compact. (Google Earth!!!) And that Luz is not picturesque (Google streetview!!!) Oh, and that just as I said, that route to the beach is open to pedestrians (Google streetview!!!) So, who got the credit? Not me.

    I don’t think it’s a language barrier problem. We both speak English as our primary language

  3. I know absolutely nobody influential, ShininginLuz, and all I know is that Textusa is a Portuguese guy. I rarely read his site, he has had 2 or 3 ideas, but he’s very talkative and I value my time more than anything.
    Critical views are really a present, but quoting somebody without naming them is unacceptable.

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