Triathlon heart attack 25 Apr 2015

I wrote earlier about the Luz triathlon, which took place on 25 Apr 2015. I said the Luz rumour mill was in top gear, as it had a competitor dying from a heart attack during the swim. The people propagating this tale are adamant it is correct.

I was at the swimming for most of that leg, and fairly close by as I got some photos of the cycling leg, then the running leg. I did not see anything happen and in particular I did not see a medical team which was present, complete with ambulance, swing into action at any time. Nor did I ever hear the siren of an ambulance, despite always being near enough to do so.

Nonetheless, the rumour propagators are adamant that there was a death during the swim, as a result of a woman in her mid-40s having a heart attack.

Enough time had passed for the news to get to Google so I tried another search on this. The only reference I can find to Luz triathlon and heart attack is my blog, documenting the rumour.

I then tried to find out if this tale might originate else where, and it does.

On the same day as the Luz triathlon, 25 Apr 2015, the 21st annual Meek and Mighty triathlon was run in St Petersburg in Florida.

Felicia Williams, 44, was taking part to improve her health, after her brother, aged 47, died of congestive heart failure in Sep 2014.

Felicia Williams, from Tampa, was supposed to do 8 laps of a swimming pool in St Anthony’s, in Florida. She had completed 6 laps, but just before she went for the 7th she stopped. They never got her heart working properly again, and she was pronounced dead at the local hospital.

This is the first death in the 21 years of the Meek and Mighty.

Biographical details of Felicia Williams and her family are at the Tampa Bay article above.

My condolences to her family and friends.


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