Another light went out in Luz

Today, Monday 11th May 2015, there was a funeral service at 4pm in Nostra Senhora da Luz for Big Danny.

His parents had owned the Hotel Belavista towards the north of Luz. Then Big Danny’s father died around 18 months ago, and his mother decided to sell up.

Big Danny went into a sort of partnership with Little Danny, and together they ran the Bar Carib, located in NW Luz. It was not an equal partnership. Little Danny provided the cash, while Big Danny acted as the chef. As friends they rubbed along together, including the ups and downs that friends have.

Big Danny was a moderate drinker, perhaps a couple of small bottles of beer a night, and that proved to be his demise. A little over a week ago, he and some friends had an evening out in Lagos, and the pace was more than Big Danny could handle.

He sat on a wall in Lagos a bit the worse for wear, toppled off the other side, and cracked his head after a 9 foot drop. He went into a coma and never came out.

Big Danny was well liked in Luz, and at the Bar Carib today there was a wake attended by a great many. Friends of Big Danny and Little Danny gathered round to provide food and to serve behind the bar. And those who knew him gathered together to celebrate his life.

Another light went out in Luz.


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