Madeleine on Luz radar 2

The second Luz radar system that Madeleine appears on is the Ocean Club arrivals list. Thus she is not simply in one data system, but two. That is what I would expect if Mark Warner was the tour operator, and was renting apatments that were operated by the Ocean Club.

The Ocean Club arrival list for 28/4/07, the day that Madeleine arrived is at

The date and time of the list’s production is 27/4/07 at 18:35. It happens to be next to a checklist of cleaners and where they worked. The latter was produced on 7 May 2007, and judging by the notes, the PJ officers were systematically checking through this unit of Ocean Club employees.

The OC arrival list is ordered by apartment number, which is what would be needed for the cleaning supervisor to choose the correct keys and to make sure the cleaners were in the correct apartments getting them ready for arrivals. It is speculation on my part, but I would guess the “P” beside each entry stands for preparada, meaning prepared.

This OC arrival list probably does not match the full information kept in the OC database. If true, someone with access to the database got more information.

The OC list shows 186 adults and 8 children. Since the MW list had 30 children and 15 infants, and all of the MW bookings appear on the OC list, clearly there was no automatic integration of these systems. Entries from the MW list were manually entered into the OC list.

A sort by folio number on the OC list suggests the way this was done. The MW arrivals appear as blocks of consecutive folio numbers. This suggests a block would be picked off the MW list and entered into the OC system, thereby getting consecutive folio numbers.

On a folio number sort, the McCanns appear early in the list of arrivals, so OC staff had early warning of their arrival, and with access to the MW details they knew children’s ages and genders.

This may or may not develop to the point that OC staff, with control over apartment allocation and access to keys had months of advance warning if a planned abduction was in the offing. Again, it should be borne in mind that Madeleine quite possibly was not a specific target, but merely a choice that ticked the right boxes.

Of the 8 children on the OC list, rather oddly only 3 are from a second tour operator using the Ocean Club i.e. Thomas Cook. My first thought was that as they might not have access to the OC sports facilities and children’s clubs they were not recorded separately, but I discarded that.

With all those children and infants coming from the MW side, the OC chose to count only 5 of them. It looks as if children’s details were of limited interest to the OC. Perhaps the MW arrivals, landing in one huge dollop with some minor dribs and drabs was a situation that required cots and high chairs in advance, whilst Thomas Cook arrivals, which seem much more spread out, could be handled by OC reception.

Whatever the reason, Madeleine (and other children) were actually visible on 2 Luz radars. One was the Ocean Club radar, where she appears but is hard to see. The second is Mark Warner radar, where because of the notes the Tapas 9 and their children are the brightest of the lot. Presumably, there was a third radar, one for Thomas Cook, and it looks like the OC had access to that, due to the manner in which they transferred Thomas Cook bookings in blocks also.

Is there anything else that can be deduced from the OC arrival list? Quite clearly allocation of apartments could be achieved automatically, over-riding any automatic mechanism. There are owner bookings, which obviously meant the owner, or friends, got a specific apartment. The bookings can be altered for requests, such as location within the OC, floor to be on, and most importantly, to put 4 families nearby.

So, from the time that the bookings were made, early in 2007, OC staff who had access to both systems had enough information to target the children of the T9, if such was their intent. Whether said persons also controlled allocation of families to apartments, and had access to keys is somewhat less clear.

Luis Miguel da Conceição Duarte was Reservations Manager for the Ocean Club. In his statement, Luis Duarte says he had worked in the OC for 12 years, rising through the ranks. He worked in the OC main reception and says he carried out all aspects of reservation handling, including allocation of apartments.

He states he was on holiday in Madeira from 2 May 2007 to 6 May 2007. His normal hours were 09.30 to 18.00, with a hour off for lunch, Monday to Friday.

He adds something odd. He states that he did not handle the McCann reservation. This is rather strange, as on Friday 28th May, he should have been at work, handling the reservation processing necessary for the large number of arrivals on Saturday, when the McCanns arrived.

Could it be that Luis Duarte meant he did not handle the physical arrival of the McCann family on Saturday 28th May? Since he did not normally work on a Saturday and he did not mention that he had worked that particular Saturday, why would he have processed the physical arrival?

Could it be that Luis Duarte meant he did not transfer the McCann booking from the MW system to the OC system? If so, that would be strange, given his duties. On top of this, the McCann booking was made in early 2007, and to remember this would be a remarkable feat of memory.

What Luis Duarte does not mention is who carries out his duties when he is absent. Nor does he mention who handled the McCann reservation if he did not.

None of this means that Luis Duarte is guilty of anything. I am simply pointing out another security weakness in the system, which allowed extended time to plan and manufacture an abduction, regardless of whether Madeleine was THE target or just one of several suitable targets.


3 thoughts on “Madeleine on Luz radar 2

  1. Find anything about G5C at all? The empty flat in the middle of the group, not allocated to them for some reason, yet apparently occupied by two of the lurkers.

    • Maria da Silva, cleaner of 5A, gave the full list of block 5 apartments that fell into her responsibility as A, B, C, D, H, I, K, L, M and P. About half of these were empty, she says. This matches the occupancy rates for the OC at the time.

      So 5C was in the OC pot, though I don’t know what its spec was, whether it was being repaired or renovated etc.

      • So why did they not house some tapistas there?

        great hq for reconnaissance, too, given a key.

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