Luz T2 – spaghetti junction

The photo shows every GNR officer’s worst nightmare – a combination of a triathlon and Luz’s very own spaghetti junction.

Luz T2 2015

This is where the road from Luz to Burgau meets Rua 25 be Abril which meets Rua do Cemitério which meets the in/out road for the Paraíso urbanisation.  The normal speed limit in towns in Portugal is 50kph, but this junction is so complex it has a 30kph limit (19mph) and speed bumps to slow the traffic.

Now into this mix add triathlon traffic getting priority in two directions.  Those popping out of of Rua do Cemitério to set off for Burgau and those bombing back down the hill from Burgau to sprint along Rua 25 de Abril.

The young GNR officer in charge was clearly reaching her limits.  There were queues of traffic in 3 separate directions and triathletes popping up every few seconds.  And none of the cyclists were sticking to the 30kph limit.

By the way, this junction is only a few metres north of the mound, the one famously dug up by Scotland Yard last year.

Note the fresh black tarmac – lovely.  There is normally a giant rut in the road there, which has been fixed for the race, so long may the triathlons continue.

While if you look on the signpost at the junction, you will see Neci is straight on.  That’s the good cause the triathlon is supporting.


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