Luz T2 – final word

This is my last post on the Luz 2015 triathlon.

The location is the entrance to Avenida dos Pescadores, the promenade by the sea front in Luz.  When our plucky triathlete in orange turns the corner, he’s got maybe 300m on the flat to hit the final line.

You can tell from this photo that I was not at the finish line when the first runners came home.  Please Google Algarve triathlon if you want the result.

Luz T2 2015 - final

This photo happens to be relevant to Madeleine McCann and the Smithman sighting.  It is a part of Luz that you don’t get on Google streetview, so let me describe it for you.

From the triathlete in the orange vest I would guestimate it is about 120m to where the Smith sighting took place.  That’s up the hill and turn left to get to Rua 25 de Abril.  In simple words, it is very close.

Now can you see the shiny blue blob at the top of the Avenida dos Pescadores, opposite the church?  That is a chemist, pharmacy or farmácia.  It may be relevant as when Scotland Yard did the dig last year the media was suggesting there was a shop near to the Smithman sighting that was of interest.  This was along the lines of man with child in arms seen entering shop.

That shop was not a chemist in May 2007.  That was the site of the Ali Super convenience store.  It appeared on at least one video when the McCanns went to night-time mass at the church.  Since then, Ali Super went bust, the site was derelict for a couple of years, then it was renovated, and now it is a chemist.

What else do we have?  The Fortaleza restaurant is the building on the left of the photo, looking like the scruffy perimeter wall is in need of a whitewash.

To the right of the photo and it looks boring – cars in a car park.

A little to the right of the car park happened to be 4 restaurants south of the church – Chaplins, Marujo etc.  The only car access into and out of those 4 restaurants, and the Fortaleza, and the Ali Super, was down the road that our orange superhero is illuminating.

The car park has changed since 2007, but the details do not matter.  The important bits are the same.  5 restaurants used Avenida dos Pescadores as their car entrance/exit and car park, as did the convenience store.

Do you think Smithman trotted past this lot with a girl in his arms on the way to the beach?  Over to you!



4 thoughts on “Luz T2 – final word

  1. No, I don’t. So, is that the business a supposed Smithman was seen to carry a child into? That’s one oddity I’ve been asking you about, because I recall a non-specific rumour, but no details of the kind of business. Have you any links about that?

    • The stuff I saw came at the time shortly before last year’s SY dig. The press seemed to know it was 3 areas to be dug, but they had gone for the wrong 3 areas. They were also running with SY being interested in a sighting of a man with a child entering a shop.

      Around the time of the Smith siting (10pm), there were only 2 places that I would describe as a shop (as opposed to a bar or restaurant) that were open in Luz. Both were Ali Super convenience stores, hours 8.30am to 10.30pm. One was opposite the church. The other was on Rua Praia da Luz. You can see both on Google streetview (Aug 2009).

      Some guilty party walking into a convenience store (or any shop) with a dead or kidnapped child in his arms sounds like nonsense. Perhaps the idea was to eliminate an innocent party from the enquiry.

      The issue is that Aoife’s siting puts Smithman to her left, while if Smithman was heading to the Ali Super, he should have been in front of her going to Aoife’s right. It’s the same flaw as ‘going to the beach’ because the Ali Super was on one of the main routes to the beach.

      • Aye, convenience shops don’t do a body concealment service. Now, I remember it as a ‘place of business’… which could mean so many things. And it didn’t need to be open, either.., actually, I was imagining him going into a closed business… which would have been some sighting.

        On the Smiths I found something that will certainly interest you, if nobody else. Also have a theory to explore on the inside job idea. Might do a short piece…

        Also watched the latest conspire-docu from the Eyebrow of Intrigue… well, skimmed. It’s amazing… he does these 4 hour pieces to camera with graphics that must take him ages… that can then be shattered by logic in under a minute. Still, he’s a hero under the bridge… interweb trolls, anoraks and social misfits think he’s just dreamy.

      • This is how memory works. I know that I got ‘shop’, thought – do they really mean the Ali Super – they have to be nuts. Mind you, that was along with the reports that the undeveloped land in front of what was the cinema was to be dug up, along with old cemetery next to the church, plus the beach. I guess someone got a map of Luz, stuck it over a dartboard, and was as bad at darts as I am.

        ‘Place of business’, potentially closed, opens up a new can of worms. Use Google streetview to look at Rua Direita in Luz. A little further along from the OC you see a small shop that the locals call Arkwrights. Its not open all hours, but it is the place for all types of bits and pieces. It cuts keys. I don’t know where the OC gets replacement keys cut. But you now have a place of business, probably closed at the time, on one of the busiest streets in Luz, with possible access to the OC keys. Just not in the right place for the Smith sighting.

        Inside job is something I’m warming to at the moment. The way the OC worked with MW was definitely a security weakness.

        Eyebrow of Intrigue is a new one on me. If he really is a combination of ultra-long vids with a minimum of critical thought, I’ll give him a miss.

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