Madeleine – Mark Warner arrivals 28 Apr 2007

I am interested in finding out who could have known what about Madeleine McCann and when, so it is time to look at the Mark Warner arrivals at the Ocean Club on 28 Apr 2007.

This part is pure logistics. I am simply trying to work out how to get a certain number of people from Faro airport to Luz, how to get them booked into the Ocean Club, how to get them to their apartments, and all of that will lead naturally into whether this is significant or not.

The Mark Warner arrivals list for 28 Apr 2007 is at

The McCanns did not fly from London Gatwick. As per several other people, they took a different route.

However, for this post my focus is LGW XLA6156, due to touch down in Faro at 10.40am on 28 Apr 2007.

Don’t worry too much about the predicted landing time. I have been on flights that have landed early, by as much as 30 minutes.

After that, the usual song and dance – passports, customs, luggage. Then find your transporter, stow the luggage and get on board. Easy!

I think the Ocean Club did most of the transporting. I will stick with them for the moment as being the lead on this.

How many folks arrived on LGW XLA6156 at Faro, destined for the Ocean Club? I make it a total of 49 adults, children and infants on one flight alone.

That is a lot of mini-buses and several drivers. A lot of luggage and a lot of baby seats. It probably was not a convoy. You would mainly fill up the first and set it off, then you would focus on the second bus etc.

Presumably, the Ocean Club 24 hour reception welcomed a short gap between buses, because 49 people take a lot of processing. There’s passports, room to which customer has been allocated, discussion about noted requirements, payments for extras, and keys. Then the driver has to take the customers to the allotted apartments and help the families with luggage. All in all it is a bit frenetic, and the Ocean Club still has roughly the same number of Thomas Cook arrivals on that day to deal with.

You’ll notice that if you want to carry out this process, without it becoming a complete shambles, you need quite a bit of info in advance.

The drivers needed to know the passenger list, including ages, to know how to best fill their buses with genuine MW customers and hopefully the right number of infant seats.

OC 24 hour arrival needed to know who was booked, and with what spec, to get the arrivals in properly.

MW needed to know, in advance, what was required in each apartment allocated to MW clients. The OC provided some of these extras, but it was up to MW to provide the cots for MW clients. I make this 20 cots. And for this reason MW staff were in apartment 5A on the day the McCanns arrived.

So, just how much info was floating about re Madeleine McCann before the holiday in Luz? The answer to that one is easy – tons!

Was it significant? That one is harder to nail down, but the answer I am going to plump for at the present time is no. Of course, I am going to have to explain my reasoning in due course. However, at least for the moment, I think the significant point in time was after 28 Apr 2007.


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