Luz triathlon – bike time

After a jolly dip in the Atlantic, it was off with the wetsuits and on with the cycling gear.

The photo is looking up Rua da Praia. Valentino’s restaurant is on the left.  Further up, the route goes past the Duke, the mini-market and Antonio’s before the cyclists took a right turn on Rua Direita.

Luz triathlon - Rua da Praia

The rumour mill has just got back to me stating that one of the competitors died after having a heart attack entering the water.  Why do I call this a rumour mill tale?  First, I watched both classes of competitors start from the beach and get into the water, and I failed to spot anyone in trouble.  I watched most of the first lot when they returned, and that’s when I headed off to pick up the cyclists.  Someone could have died out on the swim, and if it was after I left I wouldn’t have noticed.

Second, someone dies or gets mangled at every Luz event that is held.  Last year there was a party is the square south of the Fortaleza.  According to the tales then, one person got crushed when a lorry delivering goods to the event opened its door whilst on the hill beside the square, and lots of stuff came out the rear.  Please note, as most of Luz is on a hill, and that particular place has 5 restaurants on a hill, Portuguese delivery drivers get used to unloading on a hill.

The tales went further.  At the same event in the square, one man supposedly got drunk and got up on tables to dance.  (No one objected to him dancing on the tables.)  He fell off the side, went over the cliff and was killed in the fall.  The problem with this tale is that the cliff edge is a considerable distance away from the square, enough that not even a long jumper could do it.

As a side note, the helicopter spotted recently was out at the triathlon, but I only heard it once.

It has now been back 5 or 6 times today, all seemingly on the same route as before.  That doesn’t appear to be triathlon related, and it doesn’t appear to be Madeleine related, at least not in a film or video.  There was a lot of Portuguese people on the streets of Luz yesterday, so my best guess is it is just holidaymakers seeing Luz from the air.


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