Luz T2- Rua do Cemíterio

Perhaps we should have more triathlons in Luz.

This photo is from Rua do Cemíterio, aka Cemetery Road, known as such because that’s where the modern cemetery is in Luz.

Now, this is a really interesting photograph.  I know nothing about the bloke on the bike, except I don’t think he was leading anything at that moment.  Lots of competitors had already whooshed past me, so I assume he was in the chasing pack.  Unless by sheer luck I got the leader of the second group, the elite group.  Personally, I doubt that.

Rua do Cemíterio

He seems to be munching on something.  That’s not a bad trick when you have conquered the Atlantic then climbed the steep hills around Luz.  Where does one keep a snack when one is stripped down to cycling gear, I wonder?

Why should we do more triathlons in Luz?  Please observe the tarmac, fresh pristine black tarmac, with only a hint of tyre dust.  They started digging up Rua do Cemíterio around the 2nd week in Jan 2015 and it has been dug up ever since, until a day or two before the triathlon.  Nothing like a 4 month dig finally finished in a day or two.

Technically, it is not finished.  Note there are no road markings.  Can we have another triathlon so we can get some road markings?


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