Luz T2 – a new dawn breaks

Luz T2 is all about the triathlon in Luz.  If you have no interest in the triathlon in Luz you should stop reading now.

If you are still here, this is what things looked like before the start.


A bit overcast and it looks dull, but trust me, it was warm and sweaty.  If you visit Luz in April, please bring shorts (as in trousers) and short-sleeved shirts/blouses.  Oh, and sunglasses – I should have worn mine today.

You are looking at the beach.  And the hills to the east of Luz.  The black specks in the water are kayaks.  Why do we have kayaks in Luz?  That would be to stop the triathletes from drowning.

Note the things on the top of the cliff.  The pointy thing is a triangulation point.  The rectangular thing sticking its head up on the left is a luxury villa.

All I am missing is the second telephone mast for Luz, the one beside Boa Vista.


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