Luz on the eve of the triathlon

Since the second annual Luz triathlon kicks off early tomorrow, I thought I would check things out on the ground to see how the preparation is going.  After all, the first of two races kicks off at 9.45am tomorrow, 25 de Abril.

Basically, the preparation deployed on the ground so far amounts to near zero.

There are some advertising banners on the promenade (Avenida dos Pescadores), but that is it.

I did see around half a dozen cyclists, obviously competitors, trying out the hilly streets of Luz to get a head start on what they will face tomorrow.

Mind you, I saw another half dozen cyclists who were obviously Portuguese and are simply here on holiday.  After all, tomorrow is 25 de Abril.  The cutest of these was a young couple, heading down the hill into Luz with smiles on their faces.  Wait until they try to cycle back up that killer incline!  It was the man going down first, complete with baby trailer behind and a young infant on board.  Then bringing up the rear was a young Portuguese woman.  Cute, but nothing to do with the triathlon.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, going up the hill, was a Portuguese man of around 30.  I would estimate his bike to be about as old as he was.  Despite this, he was unfazed by the incline, and was making good progress.

I was hoping to get some interesting photos of how the preparation for the triathlon is going in Luz.  However, since there is nothing happening in this respect, the number of photos I got was zero.


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