Jeremy Wilkins – present!

If you try to build up a picture of what was going on in the Ocean Club around the time that Madeleine McCann disappeared, working with the PJ files, you hit a number of obstacles.

The relevant entry on the Internet appears to be

Excellent fodder for the armchair detective! Or is it?

That is when you have to start hacking around with the detail.

I have taken this out of the PJ files and put it into a spreadsheet. Obviously, I made some errors along the way. When I compared the numbers against the printed totals I was 5 adults short and 0 children short. Another trip through the files reconciled this problem. Mea culpa.

So then I tried to reverse the issue. If I had a correct picture, surely I should be able to find Jeremy Wilkins, shouldn’t I?

This test failed. Perhaps Jeremy arrived on a different day, but that sounded like a lame explanation.

Was Jeremy in the arrivals file? Oh yes!

But he is recorded as Mr A Wilkins, according to the pjfiles site. The Mark Warner records show him as Mr J Wilkins. The Ocean Club arrivals list, under his partner Ms B O’Donnell (changed to Mrs on the pjfiles site) puts him in apartment 4-O, which I am confident is an OCR error.

Jeremy Wilkins, present and accounted for, in apartment 4O.

It was tough going, but it was worth it. There is an awful lot of more interesting stuff to come out of these records than when Jeremy Wilkins arrived and which apartment he was in.


4 thoughts on “Jeremy Wilkins – present!

      • O’Donnell said the 4th was 6 days after they arrived… so I made that the 29th… but I reckon I was counting the actual day too… whoops. 28th it is. Any major conclusions drawn?

      • I’m trying to decide if the Thomson arrivals would have gone to the same meet-and-greet on Sat 28th as the Mark Warner ones, or whether there may have been two separate meetings.

        Either way, the one in the Tapas area would have had many of the MW customers, and the MW customers took a lot of kids around Madeleine’s age. So this looks like a potential recon point, though at said time on-lookers would not have known that any were vulnerable.

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