Is SY listening?

After I spent ages building up a detailed map of which restaurants, pubs and clubs were open on 3rd May 2007, I published the map on here.  To be honest, all I wanted to do was to show that Luz was not shut that night.

Out of that map comes an interesting question.  See Loops earlier comment on this.  What was Smithman?

Was Smithman an innocent, who managed to wander through Luz, with a child in his arms, on quiet roads?

Was Smithman Gerry?  If so, did Gerry take a quiet route by a stroke of fortune?

Was Smithman not Gerry, but still a guilty party?  If so, did he know his route went through some of the quieter parts of a Luz that was definitely open for tourists?

Now, I have been trying to work through these alternatives and to see if I can come up with an evaluation method that stands up to scrutiny.  Personally, I am still working on this because at the moment I have nothing to separate the solution based on luck from the solution based on knowledge.

However, since I have not yet come up with a cunning plan (Baldrick) to handle this, I decided to flag up the final ‘was Luz quiet’ graphic to SY.

What I expected was an automated response from SY- Operation Grange.  What I got was an automated response from OG.  Thus far, the script is being played out perfectly.

This is where things go a bit off course.

At the moment I am ploughing my way through the Mark Warner bookings at the Ocean Club, and it is churning up a surprisingly large amount of information.  Whether said info is relevant or should be consigned to the dustbin at the end of the universe is something I have not worked out yet.

But all this digging took time, and the ShiningInLuz blog went quiet for that time.  Not unnaturally, the viewing figures also dropped off, as one would expect.

Then the viewing figures went hot again.  Why?  The blog stats are showing lots of hits from the UK.  Why, given that I have not been active recently.  The blog stats are showing even more hits from Portugal.  I don’t blog in Portuguese, so what that is about is beyond me.

Is SY listening?  Probably not.


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