Madeleine – was Luz quiet – final picture

The attached graphic should be very near to the final picture of how quiet, or otherwise, Luz was around the time that Madeleine McCann disappeared on 3rd May 2007.

The major items added are 3 points by Estrela da Luz.

The first is the Hugo Beattie restaurant and bar. This was popular with the journalists during the mid-2014 dig of Luz, presumably as it is so close to the mound.

The second is the reception area for Estrela da Luz. To be accurate, I don’t know the working hours that were in place in May 2007. However, Estrela da Luz is completely fenced off, and you cannot get in without a code or an electronic key, which you get from reception. Early and late arrivals mean it would have to work outside normal office hours, and 10 PM does not sound unreasonable.

The third is the Calabaza restaurant.

All are in amber. The importance of this trio is that they block the easy route west for Smithman.

Heading further west, 2 green dots have been added to the St James complex. The first is O Cestinho, a small convenience store intended to service the St James set-up. That closed at 7 PM, hence it had no impact. The second is the Eclipse restaurant. Rather curiously, this was positioned on the inside of the complex, and so had a truly awful location. It is unlikely any criminal would choose to wander through St James carrying a child, so the Eclipse is green. And not surprisingly given its poor location, it went out of business.

At the extreme RHS of the graphic, about half-way up is the Alloro Italian restaurant. While I have shown it as amber, I could equally have used green. That big car park in front is the end of a cul-de-sac, and the whole lot is completely fenced off i.e. you can walk into the area, but you would have to climb a fence to get out.

To the left and a little down is the Luz Bay Hotel, actually a restaurant on the Luz Bay complex. Again, this is amber.

The Bar Carib (pub and restaurant) is in the north west of Luz, roughly between 27 Rua das Flores and the water tower. It happens to be down a side road, so although it was popular with the locals, it would be more accurate to make it green rather than amber. Anyway, it is off the graphic, to the top left of what is shown here.

Val Verde restaurant gets a mention in the PJ files. The GNR car which first responded to the incident was near the Val Verde when it got the second call to hurry it up. The Val Verde was on the old road from Rua Direita to Lagos, near to a large tourist camping site. These are quite posh in Portugal, with lots of facilities. The Val Verde itself would be green if it was on the graphic. However, the camping site is possibly more important.

And the Val Verde is around 20 to 25 minutes walking distance from 5A. At that radius, I would have to include the establishments in Espiche, so things would be getting a bit crazy. Mind you, the gardener of rain-soaked note fame lived in Espiche, so who knows.

What, if anything, is missing from the graphic?

I have one named establishment that was located somewhere on Rua 25 de Abril, but no information on precisely where or opening hours.

Two of the CCTV cameras in Estrela da Luz pick up part of the street to the north, Rua de Cemitério. It looks like they pick up the south side of the street, but not the north. So I doubt that these are important.

Neil Berry and Rajinder Balu, plus wives, were on the balcony of 606, overlooking the entrance to the Tapas restaurant. Whilst this is a good position for a view, they were having a meal, a drink and a social evening, not monitoring the comings and goings. So I have left them off.

Quite a few of the complexes have receptions that, presumably, work long hours, otherwise there is little point in having them. I am probably missing around half a dozen of these.

My sources in this jolly effort were two folks documenting the facilities in and around Luz at the time. The information is contemporaneous, or near contemporaneous. Although that sounds great, the only way to build up an accurate picture of menu, facilities, days off and hours was to trot into each and every one. For this reason, I may be missing some that were around at the time.

Equally, I may have the odd one or two designated as open that were not. Consider the Cave Bar on Rua Primeiro de Maio, which was a bar/restaurant run as a family business. The opening hours noted indicate the Cave Bar should have been open on the evening of 3 May 2007, but it is still a should have, not a definitely was. The family could have had a night off.

Therefore, although a considerable amount of care has gone into the graphic, it should be treated with caution, as a work in progress that may be refined as more information comes to light.

Luz Establishments May 2007


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