Madeleine – was Luz quiet – LuzTur

Things get a little bit messy when it comes to tagging on the establishments in and around LuzTur. I tend to think of this as two distinct parts – LuzTur, the 10 storey block – and the Commercial Centre next door. Others use LuzTur to cover both, so being precise about where businesses were becomes problematic.

It also seems there was an internal connection between the two, allowing pedestrian traffic to go back and forth.

In addition to the internal connection, LuzTur had four entrances/exits, so people could get in and out in a variety of ways.

Both LuzTur and the Commercial Centre have entrances on Rua Helena do Nascimento Baptista. As far as I am aware, due to the civic improvements of the time, Rua HNB had been dug up, resulting in zero car traffic. Whether people simply walked some way on Rua HNB, or they parked elsewhere and used a different entrance, is supposition.

The establishments that I know of are as follows.

Café Polly, Commercial Centre. This was a café/pasteleria, so I am assuming it was closed by the time of the Smith sighting, giving a green dot.

Boozey Suzy’s bar, Commercial Centre. I have the vague feeling there was a mention of this in the JP files, but the pub gets every variation of Boozey and Soosie, so for the moment it will give an amber dot.

Irish Legend bar, Commercial Centre. A sports bar that also got Irish TV. This is another amber.

Baptista junior, beside the Commercial Centre.  This was the predecessor of the larger Baptista referred to in the JP files.  Junior remains today (and in May 2007) for fresh fish and bread/cakes.  These are run a two separate concession, which is why there is an odd mix.  Junior would also have closed down for the evening, hence it is green.

Maharajah Indian restaurant, LuzTur. This was large, and at the time the only Indian in Luz. Another Amber.

Aquario restaurant, LuzTur. Another amber.

Luz cinema. This is a bit of a curate’s egg. It was on the opposite side of the Commercial Centre, with a car park opening onto Primeiro de Maio, so in that sense it could be relevant to the Smith sighting. However, it was normal for the film programme to start at 9:30 PM, quite some time before the sighting. Unless Smithman knew of the cinema times, implying an excellent knowledge of Luz, it seems to have minor relevance to him. However, it does impact on other scenarios, such as Gerry (allegedly) moving a body before talking to Jes Wilkins, so I’ll make it another amber.

Luz Establishments May 2007


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – was Luz quiet – LuzTur

      • This is particularly useful when hypothesising about a guilty Smithman. As I said, he knows where he’s going, and logistically, or even logically, that cannot be far from where he was seen. Now, if he took the route I suggest, which seems most likely, then he was not the deranged individual who would simply walk down the busiest of streets while abducting the child- on the contrary, he carefully chose a longer, yet far quieter route to get from G5A to the S on your map. So, logically, he is not likely to change that approach from the S to his destination, so you can map out probable routes along those lines. The exception to that is if his destination were flanked by a couple of your dots, making the least risky route there involve passing one/some of the same.

        So, he’s going to his residence or to a business he to which he has access. He could have gained the knowledge to make the circuitous and less risky route there with some surveillance of the area, but it is far more likely he has a significant degree of local knowledge.

        He is lucid. He reasons. He thinks. He is desperately seeking to avoid apprehension. At that moment he is acting alone, however, that does not mean he was not assisted by others in this crime before that point, nor afterwards. What is important is that this was premeditated, rather than purely opportunistic.

        Now, a big question is why he risked the streets at all, rather than using a car. Did he not have a car? Possible, yet you say it’s unlikely for a full-time resident there not to have a vehicle. Was he then not a full-time resident, or a new resident at that stage? Was he holidaying himself? Or was he too poor to have a car?

        Or… and this is well worth a ponder: did he indeed own a car, but consider parking a stationary object with a licence plate which identified him near G5A for a considerable length of time a greater risk than ‘braving’ the streets? As a local, was his car recognisably his to other locals? So, even if, as he was getting into the car, he had aroused suspicion in a passer-by, would he have thought a glance at his plate or clocking his particular car would have snared him all the same.

        It certainly seems possible that he calculated walking the back streets to his nearby destination the least risky approach. But then, he’s calculating and assessing risk. So following that plan, at any point the child could, and almost certainly would, have woken in the cold night air in the arms of a stranger and cried out. So, fitting in with how a guilty Smithman’s mind apparently works, if he’s the culprit then he would certainly have drugged the child to avoid that precise scenario.

        So, a useful exercise indeed, I think: his choices are narrowed right down; his MO is clearer; and several conclusions about the suspect can be drawn.

      • Hang on to this.

        I want to finish off the final update to the graphic because there is one single place to be added that may influence the analysis of Smithman. (Plus quite a few that seem to have no bearing whatsoever, but they need to go on for completeness.)

        Then the ‘what was happening here’ analysis bit can be kept apart from the data assembly bit.

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