Madeleine – was Luz quiet – Primeiro de Maio

Primeiro de Maio is critical to the Smithman sighting. In order to get from apartment 5A to the place in Primary School street where the Smith sighting took place, the culprit had to cross Rua Primeiro de Maio.

Primeiro de Maio is one of a small number of streets on Luz that is incredibly busy with traffic coming in and out.

So let me start at the north and walk you down the Primeiro de Maio.

The commercial establishment furthest up the hill is the hotel Belavista. It has a restaurant that is open to the public, complete with wide-screen TV and special functions on a frequent basis. None of this is particularly important. What matters is that it is a good size hotel, with pedestrians and taxis alike heading up and down the Rua.

A little further to the west and just off the street was the City Sol (now closed). This was a spacious Chinese restaurant set perhaps 30m from PdM. It is not the view that is important in the case of Madeleine McCann. Once again it is traffic, to and from the restaurant.

Down the hill, next to PdM was Cozinha da Luz, mainly a take-away for chicken and ribs. Folks driving in, folks driving out.

A little bit further down again is Dom Doce, a pasteleria situated on a part of LuzTur (Luz Tower) that fronts onto PdM. I am marking this in green (probably not open). It is an early morning joint much loved by Portuguese locals, but whether it operated at 10 at night is a long shot. Dom Doce happens to be opposite the largest car park in Luz and it is within by far the largest building (ten stories) in Luz, but I will still leave this as green.

On the west side of PdM was the Cave Bar, a family run bar/restaurant that has already featured. It had/has a front entrance on PdM. It had/has a rear entrance on 25 de Abril, just next to the entrance for Sergey Malinka’s parents’ flat.

Opposite the Cave Bar, and stuffed in one after the other, are the final three establishments at the south of the street.

The Nautilus – a pub and snack bar.

Pizzeria Deliciosa – a pizza and pasta restaurant.

Arte Hamburguer – despite what this sounds like it was a fairly decent Portuguese restaurant.

Luz May 2007
Luz May 2007

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