Madeleine – was Luz quiet – beach mix

It is time to add 9 establishments in and around the beach. One of these, O Poço, is shown with two entrances. One entrance is on the promenade, Avenida dos Pescadores, and whilst is is technically possible to get a vehicle onto that, in reality cars do not use it, making it pedestrian only. The north entrance is in Rua do Poço, where there is an active car park for the apartments overlooking the sea front.

So O Poço (restaurant and bar) at the west end, next to Carlos (late night bar also described as a 70s/80s disco).

Heading east, next is the Kiwi Pasteleria. It closes around 7 PM, so it is in green.

The next two, getting towards the east, is A Concha (restaurant) and Praia Vista (restaurant). To all intents and purposes this is the end of the pedestrian zone.

Actually on the beach is the Paraíso restaurant, famous for its CCTV footage of the Tapas 7 on 3rd May 2007.

Just north of that there are two cafè/restaurants, the Lazuli and Bar Habana. Habana is the one which now has a webcam installed, but I’m reasonably confident the webcam did not exist in May 2007. In any case, the webcam is nearly useless for monitoring the beach itself, though it does show the area between the Habana and the Paraíso.

Finally, beside the Habana is the Prive, a nightclub that opened at 10 PM:

So, we have 9 establishments around the beach, of which 8 were (probably) open on 3rd May 2007, generating customer and service provider traffic, both by car and on foot.

How many of the 8 open establishments overlook the beach?

The Prive does not, as it is underground. Traffic yes, beach view no.

The Lazuli is odd. Most of its ‘beach view’ is blocked by the Paraíso, so I am putting it into the no beach view category.

Carlos bar (aka Junction 17) is also underground (I believe). See the photo below. It has no windows with a sea view.

Carlos Bar and Disco

This leaves 5 places where what happens is you pay a premium price because you get a superb view of the beach and the sea. These were O Poço (now The Galley), A Concha, Praia Vista, Paraíso and Habana.

Thus there was a mix of people on foot around the beach, people in cars around the beach, and people in bars/restaurants/clubs near the beach.

Did Smithman wander through this minefield carrying Madeleine? Please make your own choice. All I can say is that if this was evidence put to me in court, I personally would not think it credible.

'To the beach'?  Really?
‘To the beach’? Really?



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