Madeleine – was Luz quiet – Rua Direita

On first consideration, carrying Madeleine along Rua Direita appears to be madness. Rua Direita is/was a major traffic artery in Luz, even when the civil improvements were underway. However, the Ocean Club night crèche is on Rua Direita, so the sight of children being carried to the crèche or away from the créche would not be seen as abnormal.

What Rua Direita is not a good fit with is Smithman. Even though the alarm seems to have been raised at the crèche remarkably early, at walking pace Smithman would be beyond the crèche before that. The problem is making sense of a long anticlockwise route to get to Rua Direita, when a shorter, direct route is possible.

The long route also takes Smithman past a fair number of establishments, whilst these are avoided on the short route.

From left to right, the following have been added, near to Rua Direita.

Green – Baptista supermarket – its opening hours don’t extend to that time of night.

Amber – the Plough and Farrow pub/restaurant; Luz social club; Cafè Jasmim; Ondaluz restaurant; and Panini’s restaurant.

White – Chicca’s café/restaurant – it was refurbished in 2007, so I don’t know whether it was open or closed for the upgrade.

Luz Establishments M4


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