Fernando Viegas, please step foward

Today is 1st April 2015 and one of the top searches finding ShiningInLuz is “Fernando Viegas”. (For the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT an April fool story.)

As far as I can tell, there are two people named Fernando Viegas in the LPC (Police Scientific Lab).

The one relevant to Madeleine was in 2007 an assistant specialist in forensics. He helped in apartment 5A (with assistant specialist Lino Rodrigues) to take the tiles up and swab other samples that were sent to the FSS in Birmingham. This relates to the ‘dogs of death’ stories etc.

This link from April 2013 shows that Fernando Viegas appears to have been promoted from assistant specialist to expert. http://www.asjp.pt/2013/04/14/formacao-as-pericias-forenses-sede-da-asjp-23-e-30-de-abril-7-14-21-e-28-de-maio-e-4-e-6-de-junho/

It is a flier for a convention to be held in Lisbon in April to June 2013, covering “Training: The Forensic Skills”.

Expert Viegas was scheduled to do a 30 minute slot on 23 Apr 2013, covering the importance of the first response in crime scenes.

On 7th Mar 2013, there was another conference, the 3rd Annual Scientific Conference of the PJ. (Google “Fernando Viegas” LPC). Dr Fernando Viegas, Head of Sector, was talking on Judicial Inspection / Crime Location – a Year in Review and the Strategy for 2013.

This person has being doing international talks, as Head of Sector, since at least as far back as 2010. If you Google image search for him now, you’ll find he’s off to Brazil soon to talk at another international symposium.

It could of course be that “Expert Viegas” is actually “Head of Sector, Dr Fernando Viegas” but I doubt that “assistant specialist Fernando Viegas” went to “Head of Sector, Dr Fernando Viegas” in the space of about 3 years. So my money is on two different people, both named Fernando Viegas, both working in the LPC.

Whether this is right or wrong, it makes no difference to the Madeleine McCann/apartment 5A/dogs of death story.


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