Madeleine – to the beach?

Using the same convention as before, that amber means places that should have been open around the time that Madeleine disappeared, here is the list of additional points of interest, located close to the church, Nossa Senhora da Luz.

North of the church –

Credit Agrícola 24hr ATM

Luz Tavern

West of the church –

Ali Super convenience store

South of the church

Atlantico restaurant

Cavaleiro restaurant

Chaplin’s restaurant

Fortaleza restaurant

Marujo restaurant

So there were 5 restaurants around the south of the church, using the square between the Fortaleza on the west and the other 4 on the east as a car park. There is only one route for car access to these, running between the Ali Super store and the church.

Precisely where the ‘to the beach’ tale for Smithman originated is something I don’t know. For there to be any truth in it, an abductor would be running the gauntlet. An innocent person would not, but I cannot think of why someone would take a young child to the beach at that time of night.

Aoife Smith mentions the Cavaleiro, Chaplin’s and the Marujo as restaurants south of the church as places where the Smith family would dine out in Luz. However, as she dined in the Dolphin on 3rd May, these 3 are staying amber until better information emerges.

Luz Establishments M3


3 thoughts on “Madeleine – to the beach?

  1. ‘To the beach’ is straight from Amaral, is it not? He suggests in his money-spinning blockbuster that Smithman was beachward-bound… in the title of the relevant chapter, I think you said? Will trust you, in any case.

    Just look at that logically. The only scenario I can think of in which Smithman is heading to the beach is, rather uncoincidentally, if he were Gerry, as Amaral is so desperately implying. He needs to be somebody hiding the corpse of a dead child… or a doctor, running away from a gathering of doctors, with a severely injured child, which doesn’t really float at all. So forget the latter and the multitudinous witnesses placing GM at the OC at that hour. If Smithman were off to the beach, he is Gerry, and off to stash the corpse of his beloved daughter under a crab pot. Simple.

    There is no other reason I can think of for anyone else to be heading to the beach with a dead or alive MBM in his arms. Can you?

    • I thought ‘to the beach’ was straight from Amaral. However, it turns up in Brit press (Mail?) from Aug 2007 so beating Amaral’s book by a year.

      I like Amaral. The reason I like Amaral is simple. He had all the experience of crime on the Algarve, and he couldn’t work out how to stash a body, keep it hidden from a search, retrieve the body, then dispose of it. The prime investigator could not work out how it was done.

      ‘To the beach’ is crap. Whether from Amaral, or the Mail, or whoever.

      Next stop is plotting those places which were still open on the beach when Smithman headed to the beach. Fun and games.

    • The ‘to the beach’ idea dates back at least to Aug 2007. Amaral’s book was about a year later. I have not found the source of the ‘to the beach’ idea, so I don’t know whether it was Amaral, or the media, or some plonker in Luz.

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