Madeleine – Estrela da Luz CCTV

Please bear in mind that the following information is all about the current set-up of CCTV with Estrela da Luz, therefore it may not accurately represent the set-up on 3 May 2007.

Estrela da Luz was (and is) a gated complex with a security fence around the perimeter. This allowed the owners to deploy CCTV within the grounds. According to the architect of the Ocean Club, deployment of CCTV in public areas is prohibited. I don’t know whether that is accurate or not, as CCTV is deployed near ATMs in Luz, but no matter. Estrela had CCTV.

There are 9 entrances to the complex. Each has CCTV, and each has a prominent sign to anyone entering (or to anyone passing by) that CCTV is in use for security purposes.

Each of the entrances has a single camera, with the exception of one at the eastern end, which for some reason has two. So there are 10 cameras.

Of these, 8 are currently trained in a manner such that they view only the interior of the complex i.e. they are trained near the gates but do not view the exterior.

However, the two over two of the four gates to the north are mounted quite low down on the buildings. There is no doubt whatsoever that those two not only observe the inside of the gates, they observe the gates themselves, and the street outside the gates.

In brief, these two cameras can see one side of Rua do Cemitério, the south side.

If the cameras were in the same configuration on 3 May 2007, the only way Estrela da Luz CCTV would have been useful re Smithman is one of two cases. One is that Smithman wandered along Rua do Cemitério not paying attention to the notices. The other is that Smithman entered and exited the complex, but the relevant tape was omitted by (take your pick) personnel from Estrela da Luz (by accident or intent) or someone from the JP (in a highly risky manoeuvre).

As far as I can see, the “missing” Estrela da Luz CCTV is neither here nor there. It had nothing of value to offer.


2 thoughts on “Madeleine – Estrela da Luz CCTV

  1. CCTV is prohibited in Portugal in public areas, except for certain places like ATM, banks, certain traffic points, etc. The principle is to ponderate between human rights to security and to privacy. Private places are free to have CCTV, but the cameras must be oriented towards the access to private property and regulated through a program in order to not register what is not indispensable to access’ security.

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