Madeleine – the planned abductor files

I have run a hypothetical planned abductor with hypothetical knowledge through the mill, to come to the conclusion that this scenario is feasible. See posts tagged ‘Planned abduction’ and similar tags.

However, I have also concluded that a simplistic hypothetical scenario suffers from several problems.

In order to test if the scenario is genuinely realistic, I need to run a number of real people through the case to see if they can shed light on the reality of requirements for a successful planned abduction.

As I am using (mainly) real people from the JP files, I need to stress that I am not suggesting any of these people actually was the guilty party. I have not miraculously cracked the case when better equipped people have gone before me, and have not found a culprit.

I am using human people as guinea pigs in a thought experiment, not pointing a finger.

I have made my position clear at some length for a simple reason. There is no way I can use real people in the PJ files and hide their identities. The whole test depends on taking real facts from the files, and anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the case would be able to identify who I am using. Therefore, to allow any reader to cross-check my information easily, I have chosen to name names.

To re-iterate, I am not pointing the finger or insinuating that one of the people used as a guinea pig is involved or guilty. I am simply trying to identify the essential requirements of the planned abduction hypothesis – nothing more and nothing less.


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