Barrington Godfrey Norton

Barrington was a musician who lived in his white van in Luz.

His statement was dated 8 May 2007. {I have added notes in squiggly brackets to clarify or expand. Please excuse the swapping between present tense and past tense.}

He was living in a Ford Escort van, S registration, in Luz. {S registration was 1998/1999.}

He was interviewed because he was seen around apartment 5A very frequently, in the days after Madeleine’s disappearance.

He does not speak Portuguese.

He has lived in Portugal for about 5 years, all of it around Luz. {He therefore had a detailed knowledge of Luz and how it worked.}

He is a musician. He teaches music and also performs on the streets of Luz. {That seems to mean that he performs along the front. He does not mention if he ever gets employed in bars or clubs, which suggests he is not doing great.}

He has been living in his van since the beginning of April 2007. {There is no mention of a fixed residence before that.}

He says that after Madeleine’s disappearance, he had often gone to the Ocean Club to ask about Madeleine’s whereabouts. {Nearly 8 years on and the biggest game in Luz, by far, remains Madeleine’s disappearance. In May 2007 Luz was thronged by journalists, many hanging around block 5 and block 4. A non-journalist expressing interest was hardly unusual.}

His daily routine from 1st to 4th May typically included the following.

Lunch in Café Jardim in Rua Direita, from 11:30 until 12:15 or 12:30. {This is actually Café Jasmim, situated beside the post office. In Madeleine’s time, it had Internet terminals. Although close to the 24 hour Ocean Club reception, it is not in line of sight.}

He would go to a friend’s house to get his guitar amplifier, then play music on Avenida Dos Pescadores {the beach promenade} until 15:00 to 15:30.

Usually he would go to a music lesson. If he did not have a lesson, he would go to Luz. {He was already in Luz so this adds nothing.}

At about 20:00, he would have dinner in Penini Restaurant {this was Panini’s, now closed, in Rua Direita} or another international restaurant nearby. {There were several restaurants very close to Panini’s. Presumably, all this means is he did not eat in Café Jasmim.} Alternatively, he would go to Baptista supermarket, and eat his food in a Luz parking zone. {There a lots of odd things about this. Baptista should shut by 8pm at that time of year, as should its café concession. Baptista sells out of take-away food by lunchtime. The parking zone in front of Baptista also housed a chicken and burger take-away. However this puzzle is resolved, Barrington was familiar with an area very close to apartment 5A.}

Around 21:00-21:30, he would go to a camping site in his van and spend the night there. {There is a designated camping site to the north of Luz, near Espiche. There is a designated camping site to the east of Luz. However, another witness would place Barrington and his van in Luz in the early hours of 4 May. Within Luz, there are two zones frequented by camper vans. The first is towards the west, right by the sea. The second is more central, being the site made infamous by Scotland Yard in mid-2014, namely the mound.}

Barrington was asked about what he did on 3rd of May. He replied that it was hard to tell it apart from his normal routine.

He had two music lessons that day, one from 16:45 to 17:45, another from 18:15 to 19:15.

About 19:15 he went to the Café Jasmim and had a beer. Around 20:00 he went to a place he cannot remember, to get a meal. He then went to a parking area near the beach to eat. {Café Jasmim is towards the west end of Luz, and it would make sense simply to head south to the parking area at the west end of the promenade.} Around 21:00 he went to the usual place to sleep.

Around 01:00 on 4th May, he was awoken by flashing blue lights, presumably from a police car. He was on a camping site near the beach. At about 01:30 he was approached by Ocean Club staff, who told him that a girl had disappeared from the resort.

At around 07:30 on 4th May, GNR officers searched his van at the same site, finding nothing. {In 2009, Barrington claimed that his van had bee searched by dogs.}

He said he did not know Madeleine or her parents.

He said he often went to the Ocean Club, in particular to Baptista supermarket.

He said he also went another 3 times to Luz. One time was to hand in his CV. Two more were to see friends Sandie and Luke Voisson, a retired couple from Canada. These had been in Luz for around 15 days and had returned to Canada. {On the same day as Barrington’s statement, the PJ used Ocean Club records to show that the couple had booked apartment 1, Vila King Palm, Luz, from 23 Apr 2007 to 8 May 2007. How he was friends with a couple from Canada on holiday in Luz was not explored.}

He says he always took his van to get into Luz.

He normally parked near Baptista, but had parked near apartment 5A on one occasion after Madeleine disappeared, as that is near Baptista.

Barrington Godfrey Norton places Derek Flack (statement date 5 May 2007) saw a man with a white van outside the rear of 5A with a man surveying the flat. There was also a man in the cul-de-sac opposite. He drew up an e-fit. He was asked later if Barrington was a match. He said that though there were some similarities, the man he saw was definitely younger. He described the van as being white and something like an Opel Corsa van, quite old. {Barrington’s van was white, a Ford Escort type, and around 8 years old. Barrington was aged around 56 at the time of the incident.} On 8 May 2007, a man in a white van was seen observing apartment 5A, at about 17:00. The police made enquiries at 17:10 at Cama da Vaca. The man turned out to be Barrington, The address was Casa Prado da Primavera, Lote 3, Cama da Vaca. {Presumably after the Flack information the police were on the lookout for a man with a white van, saw Barrington in his white van near 5A, and tailed him to Cama da Vaca, a development about 8 minutes by car to the west of Block 5. Presumably Barrington was going there to give a music lesson. Barrington’s statement was dated 8 May 2007, so everything was moving quickly.} With a couple of colleagues (Leanne and Sarah), Kirsty went out around 22:30 near to apartment 5A and was informed by Amy (Tierney) that Madeleine was missing. They joined in the search until 4AM, when the activity stopped. At an unspecified time during the search, the trio encountered a white commercial vehicle, parked on top of a hill. They banged on a window and doors, and inside was a busker Kirsty had seen singing on the promenade. He was drinking a beer, reading a book by flashlight, and was covered by a blanket. They could not see everything in the van. When asked if he had seen a 4-year-old, he joked that no-one had knocked on his vehicle that evening. {This places Barrington on top of the mound that night, as it is the only ‘campsite’ on top of a ‘hill’ anywhere near Luz.}

Leanne Wagstaff says she had been in a bar with colleagues, and was returning home , when she bumped into Amy and found out that Madeleine was missing. She does not mention who she searched with and says she found nothing strange that night. There was a procedure for searching for a missing child and they followed that procedure. {The mound is some way away from the boundary of the Ocean Club.}

Sarah Williamson says she left her apartment with two of her colleagues, Leanne and Kirsty, when they were informed by Amy that Madeleine was missing. She then searched with those two. She found nothing strange that night.

Although not a witness statement, Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “A Verdade Da Mentira”, tells the story of the McCann’s trip to the beach, and places them next to a busker (unnamed) who was later interviewed and cleared. {The only busker who was interviewed and cleared was Barrington.}

Curiously, Kate McCann’s book “Madeleine” also recounts the trip to the beach. Her take is that Gerry was struggling with ice-creams and she was uncomfortable about leaving the children unattended to help him. Kate dates the trip to the beach as Tuesday afternoon, 1st May 2007. She makes no mention of a busker.


One thought on “Barrington Godfrey Norton

  1. Read all of Gerrys statements, he does see the busker when having the ice creams.

    This guy also cut his hair around the time.
    He also went to Oc to Visit friends apparently
    and to take his cv.

    The age can be deceiving as he had sunglasses on during day or otherwise it was night.

    Also I am sure the linen collector saw him lurking beneath the apartments .

    This guy routinely parked by the beach and then drove to his camping spot.
    The Irish family saw him heading to the beach- near that restaurant he said he ate at, ie where he would be parked.

    It seems so obvious . Forget the age aspect as mentioned.

    I have family who look 20 yrs younger to many

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