I suppose I should say thanks to whoever visited ShiningInLuz from Russia today and became the 39th country to visit this blog from the time I started counting.  The trouble is, it could well be a year before that visitor pays a return.

No matter, беременна.

Type it into Google translate and it should come up with PREGNANT!

Today’s big news in my neck of the woods, aka Luz, is that there is another littley on the way!

Woot woot!

Details to follow ASAP!


6 thoughts on “беременна

      • This will sound odd, but though I suspected it, I wasn’t actually sure you were a woman! The first time I happened upon your blog I saw lots of stuff about the soccer… not that women don’t like sports… many do… but you seemed really into it too. Then, how you write led me to believe that you were, in any case. This pretty much confirms it!

        very happy for you! Busy times ahead.

      • I am long past the time of having littley’s. That’s down to the next generation. Even they are pushing it a bit.

        The debate now has moved on to how they can have a memorable wedding (quite soon, before the next arrival). It’s all in the air at the moment. I cannot pretend, I am quite excited. It is the most fun I have had in years.

      • As one of the family ‘elders’ I’ve been consulted, but I think the happy couple will do it their way.

        It turns out that marriage in Portugal, like everything else, is bl**dy complicated with 4 different prescriptions depending on age and religious beliefs. They were thinking about Gibraltar. We’re probably at step 1 of 1,000 at the moment.

        Personally, I’m chuffed about the newbie, but not particularly gung-ho about a wedding. But for the moment they are. We just need to see what develops.

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