Fun and games in Luz

There are several alternative ways to have fun and games in Luz.

1. Just visit Luz.  We have entertainment facilities here, good times there.  Crikey, how hard is it to enjoy fun and games in Luz?

2. Just visit Luz.  Sports bars with all the games on, sunshine all day long, and if you want to be a tad bit different, how about solving a murder mystery right here where you might be the one who gets murdered?  Or you could be the murderer.  Or for a completely different alternative, take your kids out for a great day at Lagos Zoo.  It is very, very different, and our 4-year-old littely loves it.  A truly wonderful day out.

3. Just visit Luz.  Here you can come up against the weirdest ways that Portugal works.  Or does not work.  Around 21:15 I made the evening meal (pasta) with tap water i.e. water flowing from the tap.  Around 21:35, I tried to clean the pots and plates using tap water i.e. water from the tap.

Our tap water did not work.  It had been cut off around 25 to 10 on a Sunday night.  It had worked maybe 20 minutes earlier.  At 10 minutes to 10, we are still cut off.

Please join us for fun and games in Luz, where the excitement never stops.  If you want to know for certain what is happening, please visit somewhere else.

I live in Luz.  At spuriously random times my tap water is cut off. No-one explains why or when.  Despite this, the sun continues to shine brightly, it is already like a UK start of summer.

The golf is good, the weather is good, the fun and games are good.

So officially, fun and games in Luz.


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