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This particular post (today) by Textusa seems to have strayed into territory that is clearly libellous, so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

To summarise the points made by Textusa –

1 As the Smiths took a while to come forward with their sighting, it was necessary to distract the PJ from the McCanns and T9 until the Smiths eventually acted.  (Issue – unless the Smiths were involved in the plot there was no reason to believe they would ever come forward.)

2 The distractions include Stephen Carpenter, Neil Berry and Raj Balu.  (Issue – Carpenter’s statement was dated 17 May.  Berry and Balu gave formal statements around a year after the incident, though they must have appeared on PJ radar before that to feature in rogatory statements.)

3 Robert Murat was another distraction to keep the PJ busy until the Smiths turned up

“… he was part, at management level, of the swinging events’ organising structure.”

“… Maddie’s body stayed at his property on that first night up until around 4 am.”

This stuff, unless Texusa can prove it, is definitely libellous.  I would love to know what evidence there is that Madeleine’s body was on Casa Liliana with (presumably) Robert and Jenny Murat, for 6 or 7 hours.  I wonder what happened to the body afterwards?

Please note that Eddie the EVRD was deployed at Casa Liliana during Martin Grime’s searches of Luz.  Eddie did not alert in Casa Liliana.

4 Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror denounced Robert Murat.  Textusa says the dates are dodgy, with a letter sent from Leicestershire Police to the PJ on 6 May re this, but Lori saying Leicestershire Police were informed on Monday 7 May.  I have not checked therefore I don’t know if this is accurate or not.

The implication is that Lori brought Robert to the attention of the PJ to keep them off the true scent until the Smith sighting would turn up.  Unless Lori is part of the plot, she acted before the Smith sighting surfaced.  And if the true scent is that the body of Madeleine was stored at Casa Liliana for several hours as per Textusa, she was putting the PJ on the true scent.

5 According to Textusa, on Tuesday 8th May, the PJ received an anonymous phone call from a woman.  I don’t know where this tale originates, and I don’t care.

The relevant parts of this are that the woman knows of a person who abducted Madeleine, who lives in Luz, who is close to the police, who has an English mother, who speaks this language (presumably Portuguese?), who has been around the investigation, supposedly helping.

Joining up the dots on this one, it sounds like Lori Campbell informing the PJ about Robert Murat.  But is it?  The problem with the PJ is they tend to speak Portuguese, being Portuguese, and I can testify that Portuguese is a tough language to learn, so was Lori competent in Portuguese?

She said this man was called Robert and that he used to consult Internet chats of a pretty heavy sexual nature.”  I would now have to ask how this could possibly be known.  OK, in this particular role-play I am supposedly a woman.  Have I indulged with Robert in chats of a pretty heavy sexual nature?  Is that how I know?

He would also use Internet for contacts with different acquaintances he had in other countries, especially in the UK.  This one says little to nothing.  Most folks in Luz are ex-pats.  They communicate to ‘home’, whether that is the UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland or Russia (our cleaner is called Svetlana and claims to be Russian).  This sentence can be understood as – he chatted with friends in his home country over the Internet.

She said most of the mails he sent were encrypted due to the monitoring of the kind of content they possessed.”  This says a lot.  The female who made the anonymous phone call supposedly knew that Robert encrypted his emails.

I can think of only 2 females who MIGHT have known that Robert encrypted his emails (assuming he actually did encrypt his emails).

First, his mother Jenny might possibly, by a long shot, have become aware he encrypted his emails.  Snag, I cannot see Jenny Murat taking this route to hanging her son out to dry.

Second, Robert’s girlfriend then and wife now, Michaela Walczuch.  She would know, presumably, all of the relevant details.  Internet chats of a heavy sexual nature.  The girlfriend fits that bill  (but only if she is not of the romantic kind.)  Internet to contact the UK? Yup, just as she contacted home.  Encrypted emails?  Now I can stretch to encrypted emails, just about.  As in, I don’t want to use a plain English email service cos’ …. so please download software called xyz. to decrypt them.  ‘Kind of content they possessed’ is stretching it.

“Monitoring of the kind of content they possessed.”  To be correct on this, I need to know of the origin of the emails or to be a recipient.  The anonymous source knew how?

Summary. Robert Murat, seemingly up to his neck in it for storing a body on his mother’s property.

An anonymous female who sounds like Lori Campbell (whether it was or not), with details like Murat encrypts his emails (whether he did or not).


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