Broken metatarsal syndrome

Around 3-4 weeks ago my partner decided that the best way of getting down a flight of stairs was to fall down them, leading to an extremely painful foot.

At first it looked like a ligament strain, as the toe could move without pain, but any form of weight bearing was agony.

Despite advice to see a doctor, my partner declined on the basis that they would do nothing and rest was the cure.

The pain decreased considerably but reached a level where it would not decrease any  further.

So on Tuesday, my partner visited the hospital, where an x-ray showed a fracture of the 5th metatarsal of the left foot.  If it had been treated originally, there is a good chance it would have healed well, but the delay means it might or might not heal, and if it doesn’t, it requires an operation to pin the bone.

My better half is normally the one who does the running around but is now completely immobile.  All of which means I’m doing a lot more than normal, plus a large slab of waiting hand-on-foot.  Just as an example, the wheelchair we’ve got cannot be pushed by the patient, therefor I need to be on hand for simple tasks like transport to the loo.

All in all, the amount of time that I can devote to this blog is going to be much less than usual.  Normal service will resume when the metatarsal heals.


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