Madeleine – planned abduction – motive

The Madeleine McCann disappearance has plenty of facts but is sparse on clear suspects and motive. This leads to many a person using aspects of behaviour after the incident to clear or damn the McCanns.

I want to role-play a specific solution in order to see whether it is feasible or not. That scenario is a planned abduction by a lone perpetrator, and one that does not rely on a fluke. Hopefully, the issues that arise from this scenario will apply to other scenarios as well.

  1. I am a hired gun, or more accurately, a technician. I am not curious as to what the end use is for the victim. I simply care that I have been offered a six-figure sum to deliver a white, female child in good health to a handover point. At that destination the girl will be exchanged for cash and my involvement will cease.

  1. I am a career criminal. However, I have never been caught because I carefully plan and assess the risk of any operation, and avoid those where the chance of capture is great. The only crimes I take part in are those that are well organised with no loose cannons in the team. I will work alone or in solid teams, but I am not a member of a gang and I do not fraternise with other known criminals.

  2. I have a reputation for tackling unusual challenges and solving them – boldly going where no one has gone before.

  3. I have lived in southern Spain for several years and I am familiar with the south coast and all its workings.

  4. I am not at king-pin level within the criminal world. This is deliberate, as it is the king-pins who get targeted in major police operations. I prefer to operate at a lower level, so that my chance of being caught reduces to the operational risk associated with a specific venture. In short, the police have no reason to be tracking me.

  5. I have the distinct advantage of looking remarkably nondescript. Most people have trouble remembering me after a few months, and those who do have difficulty in providing any distinctive details concerning my appearance.

There is no specific time-frame set for the kidnap. That is, whatever time it takes to find, kidnap and deliver the girl is the time it will take. However, I have no reason to believe that I am the only one with this remit, and clearly, the person who delivers first is the one, the only one, who gets paid. While I won’t be rushing into a high-risk speed race, I won’t be dawdling either.

I have no idea whether I have a competitor within Iberia and no desire to know. My contact with the person offering the reward is already one source of risk, and I prefer not to increase the chances of being caught.

Therefore, at least in principle, this will be a lone-wolf attack if I can reasonably make that work.

The operational parameters on paper are simple. Kidnap and deliver a live, three-year old white girl, in exchange for a sum of money that will allow me to lead a generous lifestyle for some years.

(Note – the minimum wage in Portugal at the moment in 2015 is 570€ per month, I believe. This puts into perspective the amount offered for the target, and should also show the potential for bribery and corruption.)


One thought on “Madeleine – planned abduction – motive

  1. Interesting. Ok… so if you’re working alone… hence all the sightings of odd people observing G5A are false, but one, perhaps, if that one is you.

    Or your solid team is at work. But I’d think that would be a tough team to create for a one-off.

    You are also not Smithman, because you’d be better organised than that. So if you exist, he is out.

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