Luz – Valentine’s Day murder

News is coming in that there was a murder yesterday in Luz, on Saturday 14th February 2015, Valentine’s Day.

Details are extremely sketchy, but the incident appears to have occurred at the southern end of Rua Primeiro De Maio, some time in the evening after dusk.

The authorities were quickly on the scene and initial reports suggest that the number of investigators was in excess of 20 people.

Official judicial secrecy laws that prevail in Portugal are limiting the flow of information regarding the incident.  At the moment, no information has been made public on the identity of the victim, the nature of the crime, or whether a suspect has been identified.  These aspects remain a mystery.

It does appear that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene, and that the incident is being treated as murder.

Luz is currently on amber alert.  This signifies that all individuals, whether resident on tourists, should be vigilant.  People should note all comings and goings that they see, not just odd ones that look out of place.  Above all, people are urged to use caution when approaching anyone they are not familiar with, and anyone who appears to be behaving oddly in any manner.

Luz is normally quiet on a Saturday, and this incident is completely outside of the normal tranquil character of the town.  These facts make this Valentine’s Day murder even more shocking.

At ShiningInLuz, I am trying to ascertain if anyone has more accurate information.  To date, a trawl of social media has produced nothing.  However, as is the nature of such incidents, it is to be expected that further details will emerge to give a clearer picture of what happened in the Valentine’s Day murder.  These will be posted in this topic as and when they emerge.

Please make sure your windows are locked and your shutters are secured, then sleep soundly.


2 thoughts on “Luz – Valentine’s Day murder

  1. Further details on this incident have now emerged.

    The victim is believed to be white, female, adult and probably of UK origin.

    She was killed by a single shot from a handgun. Death was instantaneous and there was no possibility of resussication at the scene.

    The event, at #3 Rua Primeiro de Maio was a wedding reception. It is not yet clear why the victim was participating.

    A person has been apprehended, and will now face (presumably) a charge of murder. The suspect is said to be white, male, adult and reputedly of Mediterranean origin.

    No information has yet emerged as to a potential motive for the shooting, nor how the man was able to gain access to a handgun.

    Rumour in Luz suggests that several members of the public took photos of the scene, and it is possible that some of these may emerge as the investigation progresses.

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