Textusa v Neil Berry and Raj Balu continued

{This is continued as WordPress seems to have a length limit on posts.  The first part is in ‘Textusa v Neil Berry and Raj Balu.}

So, more speculation. The friends decided to spend the evening together, to get a take-away, to eat at the Berry’s, and to look after their children, who would all be in block 6. That is because Rajinder Balu was in 603 and Neil Berry was in 606. Simple.

Let us return to the statements of Mario Marreiros, Neil Berry and Rajinder Balu.

Mario Marreiros made a statement on 8 May 2007, around 5 days after Madeleine disappeared, in which he saw nothing suspicious.

Neil Berry made a statement in April 2008, in which he cannot recall details that a year after the event he should not. However, he denies an encounter with a laundry worker in the stairwell of block 5 at 6pm on 3rd May 2008.

Rajpinder Balu made a statement, also in April 2008, in which he too cannot recall details that a year after the event he should not. His story generally supports Neil’s, that the 4 adults were on the balcony of 606 from around 8pm to when the alarm went off.

Neil Berry is the lynch-pin of Textusa’s post. To summarise, Neil says he was in 4G, Textusa has shown 606.

The interesting thing about 4G is that block 4 is roughly a copy of block 5. There are four flats on the ground floor, with the rest above. 4G should be up the stairs on block 4.

But Textusa has shown that Neil Berry was in 606. Block 6, not block 4, and I have strong reasons to believe that Textusa is correct on this point.

How do you get between the Tapas restaurant and block 4? The shortest pedestrian route is into the passage between 4 and 5. The long route is out of the Tapas reception and around block 5 anticlockwise. The crux is that you do not cross a street in either case.

How do you get between the Tapas restaurant and block 6? You come out of the reception area, you turn left, you walk up the hill, you walk over the road, then you enter the front of block 6. (Please note. It looks like the bottom level of block 6 had rear entrances/exits. The upper levels need to use the two stairwells.)

Neil Berry’s statement said he crossed the street to return home after picking up his meals, which lines up with Rajinder Balu and Textusa. The error that Neil made was, a year after the event, he could not remember his apartment number.

The activity we are talking about is in 606. Block 6 has 4 apartments on the ground floor, so 606 should be one storey up. Raj Balu’s statement is that they were on the balcony when they were alerted by shouts from below, which fits one storey up.

This is the only genuine problem with Neil’s memory. He says he cannot remember an elevator. Block 6 is only 3 floors tall, but I cannot believe that a block of luxury flats does not have an elevator. Further as Neil Berry was taking his wife and two children, plus luggage to and from 606, he must have used the elevator at least twice. Since Neil and Rajinder were carrying take-away meals for 4 people plus 4 bottles of wine, I would suggest they used the lift, not the stairs.

Picking the bones out of all that, what have we got?

The Mirror is flip-flopping over the story as usual. According to the Mirror, the stairwell sighting was on 2nd May at 7:30 to 8pm. Whilst the PJ questions were about 3rd May at 6pm. And laundry man Mario’s statement says he clocked off about 6pm and saw nothing unusual.

Then we move to blocks. As Textusa reported, Neil said apartment 4G, then Textusa exhibited the record for 606. Excellent stuff, we are moving forward.

Then there is the bit about the take-away from the Tapas restaurant. Please forget about who paid for what or how it was recorded. Perhaps Rajinder, having successfully made a booking, got his meal for two plus two bottles of wine ‘free’ (given that these were allowed by Mark Warner). Perhaps he didn’t, paid for his take-away, and the Tapas restaurant ‘stiffed’ Mark Warner for €30-50. I don’t know and I don’t care as I don’t see how this clarifies anything.

Perhaps Neil, having been unable to book, had to pay for his meal for two plus two bottles of wine. Does that have any significance? It wouldn’t show up in the records, but who cares.

Someone moving from the Ocean Club 24 hour reception to block 6 does not leave the reception area unmanned. When the alert went up in the Ocean Club 24 hour reception there were at least two staff members present. Therefore, one person taking 5 minutes to go from reception to 606, erect a travel cot, and get back to reception is no big deal, as there is still another member of staff on duty.

I know that this has been an exceptionally long ramble, but Textusa does not do simple tales. They are more carefully interwoven than a J K Rowling novel.

So, what do we actually have?

Textusa has placed Neil Berry in block 6, in apartment 606, which should be on the second floor. Rajinder Balu has confirmed that the Berry apartment was not on the ground floor (and thus, that you gained entry by a block 6 stairwell). Both guys affirm that they had a take-away with their family, on the balcony of 606 at the rear of the block, on 3rd May 2007. At the moment I am loving this.

On to the travel cot. It did not come out to Portugal from England. It is big and heavy and one of the guys would remember it in the luggage. It came from Portugal. Take your pick as to when it turned up – at the start of the holiday – or on 3rd May. It matters not a jot.

The foursome could not get the travel cot assembled. That bothers me, but only in the sense that 4 parents who cannot assemble a travel cot deserve to be chastised. Please note, I have been beaten by a travel cot before, but in my defence I am not a parent. Four parents?

The Mirror and Mario are wobbly, very, very wobbly. 2nd May as reported by the Mirror or 3rd May as questioned by the PJ? 7.30 to 8.00pm as reported by the Mirror or 6pm as questioned by the PJ in April 2008? If such a meeting happened it would be damning, as Textusa has shown Neil should not be in block 5 on either occasion.

What we actually have is quite interesting.

Rajinder Balu and Neil Berry were in the Tapas restaurant around 8pm on 3rd May 2007. This has a minor input to the case, only confirming that the McCanns arrived later.

The travel cot has no significance.

The sighting in the stairwell of block 5 on 2nd May or 3rd May, that has gone into my Red Herrings folder. Can you monitor apartment 5A front or rear from the stairwell? Nope.

The Balu’s and the Berry’s wined and dined on the balcony of 606 on 3rd May 2007. They were not scrutinising the car park in front of them, (to the south of block 6), for the simple reason that there was no need to scrutinise. They were on holiday, having a good time, eating, drinking and chatting. But they were there.

Thanks, Texusa. There are now 4 adults overlooking the car park at the rear of block 6 and the entrance to the Tapas Restaurant, from around 8pm to when the alarm was raised on 3rd May 2007. This impacts Mission Impossible, so it needs to be built into the operation.

Further, it looks like Neil and Rajinder both gave statements in early May 2007, but I’m not seeing those in the file.

Finally, I believe both could progress the case, if only Scotland Yard was smart enough to re-read their statements.


5 thoughts on “Textusa v Neil Berry and Raj Balu continued

  1. Ok, my head hurts. I read textusa’s article (I blame you for that!), and I’ll agree there is some decent groundwork done on Berry and Balu (along with the several glaring errors that seem typically to pervade their work).

    Textusa? I’d happened upon a couple of pieces there before, and avoided it since. The overall theme of that blog is so utterly moronic it means reading anything on those pages puts me in a bad humour. They’ve started with a conclusion, and work from there to fit pieces to that conclusion. Columbo they ain’t.

    So, what’s happening with these odd-balls? Apparently, they’re mooching around the bonking festival… as are the T9… but, unlike most sociable sex creeps, they all have a massive sense of shame about their favourite activity.

    So, long story short, they’re all busy shagging one another (idea robbed from PJ smear, not original)… ok, let’s allow that as a possibility… be fair…. then? Then just as Shagfest ’07 is getting juicy, unattended MBM wakes up and slips )taken from Amaral, their hero, and again, not original) on some lube and bashes her head open and dies, leaving no discernible trace.

    Then, and this is brilliant, the McCanns find the body, and alert the 60-odd like-minded polyamorous folk on holiday, and all the hundreds of staff looking after them at Shagfest ’07, and say ‘listen, you randy bastards… we’re all in this together! I didn’t even want to shag half of you, and I did, so you all owe us… help us stash the corpse of our innocent daughter and lie to everyone and fake an abduction and create the biggest media criminal case of the century but don’t tell anyone what happened at any point out of guilt, or decency or wishing to make a few quid… because IF YOU DO… we’ll tell everyone that you swing too! And that would make you look pretty pervy. So don’t! Ok? Ok. Deal.’ So they book a table on the Thursday to eat in the tapas joint for the first time that holiday in order to stage the abduction… with just about everyone being complicit… that’s a cast of hundreds and hundreds…

    You were involved in that murder mystery think near Christmas… you’d have had maybe two dozen people playing a role. Multiply that by 30 and that’s the scale of the conspiracy.. but they’re all still each in their individual roles. 8 years on. Does that seem like an achievable production? Hmmm.

    The sheer volume that’s devoted solely to such an idiotic idea is outstanding.

    The bones of what they’ve happened upon are, though, very interesting. I wouldn’t be so quick to mark this ‘herring’. There are links to follow up, for sure. Actually, some of this stuff we’ve discussed here. Massive falling into place of various pieces of this puzzle.

    • *( *murder mystery thing…
      (that was angry typing on my part…)

      Will have to have a think about this. The whole thing could be a herring… but there are relationships there that must be clarified. One way or another, the information garnered from looking into this could well prove revelatory.

      Or it could be another dead-end red kipper. :-/

      • Ugh… still annoyed. Textusa claims extra staff were laid on for the Bonkathon… reams of nannies to mind the kids who would otherwise not have been needed.

        That’s great. So they’re in the ranks of the many hundreds of people who are in on it… the people who aren’t in on it now is a much shorter list of the population of the globe compared to those who are in on it. Am I in on it? I think so. Don’t know why… but hopefully someone will send me some dosh of a book of tokens valid for 1 good shag each at Shagfest ’15 in Luz… because otherwise I’m singing like a canary.

        Anyway, one of a million obvious questions… why were these special nanny-riding-facilitators not looking after MBM? She’s still neglected and dies of an accident… so why was she not put in the official Bonkathon Sprog Holding Tank with the other nippers, or supervised by one of these suspiciously numerous (which they weren’t at all) nannies? Were they too tight to slip a sexy nanny 20 quid to mind the childer? Or did one of the nannies drop the ball when shagging the T9 instead of minding the kids, leaving MBM alone to crack her head open… and the parents just say ‘hey, don’t worry about it. What happens in Luz stays in Luz… Thanks for the shag. Of course we’re not miffed. Let’s just all keep hushed about this so people don’t discover we like a good roll in the hay. Now let’s have another shag and then get down to planning a fake abduction.’

        Seems legit.

        Other people implicated in Shaggate… Diane Webster and Mrs. Fenn, because there’s no upper age limit on being a randy old dear, to paraphrase. Good for them.

      • I must read my work more often.

        Textusa points out, correctly, that Neil remembers 4G and that this should be 606. My memory is slipping so it took me a while to work out why I thought 4G is significant in the whole tale.

        It’s where the McCanns lived from 4 May 2007 to 2/3 July 2007. It’s where the red airplane T-shirt pics were taken. Neil has simply got a little confused over time, as story after story was reported from 4G.

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