The Tapas 9 Timeline

Very near to the end of Jane Tanner’s (very long) rogatory statement, a version of the timeline as constructed by the Tapas 9 is detailed.

According to that statement by Jane, this was constructed 2 to 3 days after Madeleine disappeared.

The Madeleine McCann incident was late on the evening of 3rd May 2007. For the Tapas 9 most of 4th May was spent in interviews in Portimão. Overnight on 4th Jane Tanner was with an artist trying to construct a drawing of a man she calls Eggman. Jane could not remember any facial elements, so an egg shape with hair on was used for the drawing. This drawing would also be called Tannerman.

It is therefore probable that the Tapas 9 timeline was constructed 2-3 days after Madeleine’s disappearance. If so, a comparison between that time-line and the first statements, the ones made before this on 4th May, should prove interesting.

I am working on a fuller construction of a timeline, taking into account all the statements of all of the people who can nail down what was happening between 8:30pm and 10 pm on 3rd May 2007 in the vicinity of apartment 5A.

That fuller timeline includes other people in the Tapas restaurant and people outside, such as Jez Wilkins, who chatted to Gerry McCann after Gerry had checked on Madeleine McCann and the twins.

Unfortunately, that will not be available in the near future. The rogatory interviews were extremely long. My version of Jane Tanner’s rogatory statement ran to 75 A4 pages. And the rogatory interviews were stuffed with ‘erm you know like’ and more of the same.

A complete and detailed timeline is required to test ideas such as a burglary gone wrong, a pre-planned abduction, an act of paedophilia and others.

Without more ado, here is the Tapas 9 timeline, as it appears close to the end of Jane Tanner’s rogatory statement. For clarity, it is not Jane Tanner’s personal recollection, rather it is Leicestershire police checking what they considered was the timeline that the Tapas 9 produced subsequent to Madeleine’s disappearance.

8:25 The McCanns arrive at the Tapas restaurant.

8:40 Jane Tanner arrives.

?:?? Shortly after that the Oldfields arrive.

8:45 Russell O’Brien arrives.

8:57 Matthew Oldfield leaves the table and passes the Paynes and Dianne Webster on their way to the Tapas restaurant then carries out a check of the ground floor apartments (5A, 5B and 5D), returning to the Tapas restaurant at 9:00.

9:05 Gerry goes to do a check on 5A.

9:15 Jane Tanner leaves the restaurant to check, and passes Gerry and Jez Wilkins having a conversation, Then she sights Tannerman.

9:20 Jane Tanner completes her check and returns to the Tapas restaurant. Gerry had returned before her.

9:25 Russell O’Brien and Matthew Oldfield go back to the apartments to check, Russell stays in 5D (re sick child), Matthew checks 5A.

9:35 Matthew Oldfield returns to the Tapas restaurant.

9:40 Jane Tanner returns to 5D to take care of the sick child and let Russell have his dinner.

9:45 Russell O’Brien returns to the Tapas restaurant.

9:55 Rachael Oldfield – last time at Tapas restaurant. ??? (As far as I know, Matthew was doing the Oldfield checks, so what this means at this time is beyond me.)

10:00 Kate McCann goes to check. That’s when everything kicks off.

The challenges posed by this time-line are as follows.

1) The biggest gap around apartment 5A was right at the start, when there was a 15 minute period with no activity around the flat.

2) After that, someone had to have the luck of the Devil, or amazing military precision, to have pulled this off and got away with it, for 7+ years. This is Mission Impossible on testosterone. Take your pick of theories – the McCanns did it, burglary-gone-wrong, paedophile, planned abduction – these proposals are all getting their chestnuts roasted on this time-line.

3) The idea of a well-observed apartment 5A also hits another reef. Whatever the general routine of the group was beforehand, the sick child of Russell and Jane throws a spanner in the works. The 3rd May 2007 did not go as routine. It was different. At the critical time, the schedule was out.

Apart from these problems, other people not connected to the Tapas 9 layered their time-lines on top of this, so other timing checks need to be explained.

I love it when people insist Luz was quieter than a church mouse that night, then report people around apartment 5A roughly every 5 to 10 minutes.


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