Madeleine – timeline #1

The important time for me on Thursday 3rd May 2007 is 9:15pm, therefore I am constructing my timeline around this.

I have stood outside apartment 5A at that time on an anniversary of that date to try to work out what could be seen and what could not.

9:15pm was the time at which my eyesight was changing from colour to black and white. Whatever makes your eyeballs see in colour, rods or cones or who cares, those were fading out and whatever gives you just light and dark was taking over.

A couple of complexities need to be layered on top of this.

First, despite all the comments to the contrary, the streets around apartment 5A are, and were, well lit. Despite all the comments about poor lighting and how difficult it was to see Tannerman or Smithman, a lack of light is not the issue.

Tannerman was around 3 metres away from a street light when he was seen.

Smithman is a tad more difficult. When seen by Peter Smith, Smithman was a fair way in front of a street lamp, and only illuminated from behind. When seen by Martin Smith, Smithman was close enough to a light to be fairly well seen. When seen by Aoife, Smithman was definitely well lit up.

The difficulty with the Tannerman sighting and the Smithman sighting is that both occurred under street lights. That is bog standard sodium, which casts a yellow glow and does not match white light by any stretch of the imagination.

The second complexity is eyeball capability. I would hope that Aoife’s colour capability is better than mine, given the age difference, otherwise she is in trouble. But Aoife’s sighting took place near to 10pm, when it was definitely dark (apart from the street lights). She was viewing in black and white plus sodium yellow.

The Tannerman sighting is more crunchy. My eyeballs were leaving colour behind for black and white at 9:15pm. Perhaps Jane Tanner’s eyeballs are better. Perhaps her eyeballs are worse. Without a test we will never know so who cares.

I am picking 9:15 as a key time for a reason.

Up until that point, entering 5A illegally, carrying out a crime, magically concealing a body, all of these things become incredibly difficult, given that they occur in daylight.

Let me say at this stage that there are people in Luz who put the shutter down over the window before it is dark. Thus, many a person would have settled down for that night before 9:15pm.

The issue is the ones who didn’t.

Whatever your solution to this incident is, whether it be the McCanns, or a burglary-gone-wrong, or a paedophile, or a planned abduction, did it occur in daylight hours (roughly up to 9:15) or did it occur under cover of darkness?


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