Welcome Slovakia

Today, 10 Jan 2015, Slovakia becomes the first ‘new’ country of 2015 to visit ShiningInLuz.  This shifts the country total from 33 in 2014 to 34 up to right now.

According to Google, welcome in Slovak is vitajte.  I do hope that Google has got that one right, because I know nothing about Slovak.

For all readers of ShiningInLuz, may I remind you that if you have a particular aspect of the Madeleine McCann incident that you wish to cover, just pop it up as a comment and I’ll be happy to turn that into a post with the focus on the topic of your choice.

If the truth be told, I’m suffering a little bit from Madeleine burn-out at the moment.  I’m not quite sure where to head next.

So how about something more obvious?




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