Madeleine – apartment 4G & smell of death

Credit to Pamalam at

I started by trying to develop an article to prove whether a red T-shirt, from Rua 27 das Flores and alerted to by Eddie, belonged to Madeleine or to Sean McCann, as I have seen it attributed to both.

Airplane top McCann PJ files

I was forgetting one important point. Madeleine McCann was wearing children’s clothing in the 2-3 years age range, as proved by her Eeyore pyjamas. And Sean was approximately 2 years and 3 months, so he should have been wearing children’s clothing in the 2-3 years age range. The PJ files confirm that he was, as there is at least one boy’s T-shirt, for ages 2-3.

Then I started trawling through the files to see if I could find Madeleine in a red airplane T-shirt. I found something more important.

First, Madeleine did wear red coloured clothing. A couple of photos are attached.

Madeleine in redMadeleine in red flower dress

The evidence that the top is Sean’s is therefore somewhat weak. The motif is airplanes, which I associate with boys, whereas Madeleine had cute and cuddly things normally associated with girls. On top of this, I cannot find Madeleine wearing the airplane T-shirt, though that is also weak evidence. And finally, on Pamalam’s site, the entry about the red T-shirt has Sean in different photos, wearing the red airplane T-shirt.

I could tell from the different outfits worn that the family photos must have been on different occasions, but Pamalam went one better and dated the photos. They were taken on 4 June 2007 (Gerry in green and yellow T-shirt) and 8 June 2007 (Gerry in grey T-shirt).

Airplane top 20070604Airplane top 20070608

Those dates are extremely important, as the McCanns moved into apartment 4G on 4 May 2007 and finally moved out on 3 July 2007, thus the red airplane top is dated to the time the McCanns were in 4G.

I believe it gets better. From Rua 27 das Flores, Eddie alerted to 3 items of clothing. One was the red airplane T-shirt. One was a white, sleeveless, shoulderless top belonging to Kate.

Kate's suspect white top

The files show two white, sleeveless, shoulderless tops belonging to Kate were taken from 27 Rua das Flores. Fortunately, both are shown in photos at

One, numbered #2 in the files, has thin straps at the top. The second, numbered #4 in the files, has much wider straps. The photo of Kate shows her wearing the wide-strap version (#4). At 62 minutes into the video at, Eddie alerts to the wide strap white top. So in the photo, Kate McCann is wearing the suspect white top.

Kate is carrying Amelie close together, so I would expect there to be transfer from Kate’s white top to Amelie’s clothes. Gerry is slightly further from Sean, but still close enough that I would expect transfer from Sean to Gerry’s top. Always assuming that Kate’s top and Sean’s red airplane T-shirt were carrying the smell of decay at this point in time.

Eddie did not alert to any of Gerry’s clothing from 27 Rua das Flores. Eddie did not alert to any of Amelie’s clothing from 27 Rus das Flores.

Critically, Eddie did not alert in apartment 4G, although it is clear from the photo that these articles of clothing were in apartment 4G.

I can only conclude that there was no smell of decomposition in 4G during the McCann stay, that any decomposition smell on the red airplane T-shirt must date to after apartment 4G, and that any smell of decomposition on Kate’s suspect white top must date to after apartment 4G.

This strongly suggests that if the McCanns were involved in hiding Madeleine’s body they were either experts or extremely lucky. There is no chain across 5A, 5H, 4G to 27 Rua das Flores. 4G is the link that simply does not exist.

For me, this also rules out the idea that the dog alerts were due to Kate handling dead bodies in the week leading up to the holiday. I cannot see how apartment 4G is clean and Amelie’s clothing is clean if that is the case. Both should have been contaminated.

And these results mean the case is getting simpler.


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