Where the McCanns went next

From the testimony of Mark Harrison, who advised where to search in and around Luz, based on the assumption that Madeleine McCann was dead.

On 31-07-07 the PJ conducted canine searches with a search warrant at apartments in Praia da Luz that had been previously occupied by the McCanns and their friends.


On 02-08-07 the PJ conducted a search warrant at a villa in Praia da Luz currently occupied by the McCann family.”

The canine searches refer to the deployment of Eddie and Keela. The ‘villa currently occupied’ was 27 Rua das Flores, with more Eddie and Keela.

Around the early hours of 4th May, the McCanns were asked to take what they needed and leave, and apartment 5A was then treated to the first forensics.

In those very first photos you can see a number of things. The twins had been moved and the bedding from their cots had also moved. Other important objects had not been moved, notably the family’s passports, a camera on a table etc.

Someone moved these objects to where the McCanns were, whether the police or the McCanns, at some point in time after the photos.

Where the McCanns went next was to 5H, where they spent at least one night with the Paynes. If Kate was reeking of the smell of death, should or should not apartment 5H smell of death?

At some point (I don’t know when and if you do give me a clue) the McCanns moved into apartment 4G in the Ocean Club. Again, if Kate and various other items reeked of death at this stage, should or should not apartment 4G smell of death?

Kate’s book, “Madeleine”, in chapter 8 “No stone unturned”, says that another apartment had been loaned to them by Mark Warner, therefore it was presumably in the Ocean Club. The McCann team was using it an an office and directing their efforts through that. Kate says this apartment was dubbed ‘mission control’.

I cannot find where ´mission control’ was. I cannot tell if Kate spent time in ‘mission control’. It would be incredible if she did not. Therefore, if Kate reeked of death by this point, should or should not ‘mission control’ smell the same way?

27 Rua das Flores was rented from 1 Jul 2007. The McCanns moved in on 2nd Jul, and moved out of apartment 4G on 3rd Jul 2007. Presumably, they moved ‘mission control’ at the same time, but the truth is, I don’t know.

Apart from alerting in apartment 5A, in the Renault Scenic, and to articles found in 27 Rua das Flores, the real issue is where the dogs did not alert.

If the dogs were in 5H, should there have been an alert in 5H?

If the dogs were in 4G, surely there should have been an alert in 4G?

If the dogs were in ‘mission control’, would there have been an alert in the office?

If ‘mission control’ was transferred to 27 Rua das Flores, shouldn’t the dogs alert to at least some of the objects transferred, rather than simply to Kate’s clothing, the red airplane top, and Cuddle Cat?

The file is extremely unclear on what was searched and what was not. Apartment 5A was, the Renault Scenic was and 27 Rua das Flores was.

If Mark Harrison is correct, I am overlooking search warrants for the friends of the McCanns, amongst others. I haven’t found them. Perhaps search warrants were not required in those cases.

I now need to look at the long version of the Eddie and Keela video to see if it clarifies where the McCanns went next.


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