Murder in Luz

It cannot be simpler this Xmas.  Someone got murdered in Luz.  There was a prize for anyone who could work out who did it.

Please look at the following photo of the crime scene.

a1 Crime scene photo

Next up, the suspects arrive.  Do you want to have a peek at some of the suspects in this case? Surely you are curious?
a2 The suspects arrive

Some really dodgy looking characters there, but it gets worse.  Just look at the next pic and work out who is getting very comfortable with who.  If you are sensitive, please look away now.

a3 Suspicious minds

OK, let me see if I can summarise. We have dodgy characters, in a dodgy location, indulging in dodgy actions.

This reminds me of something, but as I am enjoying the festive spirit, for some reason my brain cannot bring it to the forefront.

Then things turn deadly serious.  One person got brutally slaughtered.  The other 32, or was it 33, or 34, worked their asses off trying to find the murderer.  (OK, they had another mouthful of food and another slurp of wine, but I’m trying to build up to a crescendo here, so please cut me some slack.)

Here’s the detective team assigned to this murder in Luz.

a4 Murder most foul

Much like the team from Scotland Yard in June 2014, except they did not have to get dressed up in ridiculous costumes alongside a Xmas tree.  They preferred the Brazilian buffet situated to the east of Luz, and very cost-effective in my opinion.  All you can eat for less than a snack in London.

Over 30 people tried to work out who committed this murder in Luz.  There was a prize to be awarded to the winner.  You should have worked out by this point that there was no winner.  That despite a murder, no-one could come up with the murderer.

Take your pick of which of these TRUE facts is most interesting.  First and most important, the murderer is included in the photos I am posting this Xmas day.

a5 In plain sight

Don’t think through this tale too deeply.

Nobody got murdered in Luz on 20 Dec 2014.  Some folks got together and they had a Xmas party.

If it had been up to me, I would have had an award for best costume.  Wow, that would have been tough to judge.

Merry Xmas everyone.

PS The partner of the murderer got it wrong.

PPS The murderer is in plain view in one of these photos, but does that matter?

Merry Xmas 2014



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