Source #1 UK Justice Forum

There’s a small number of places that I mine for information on a repeated basis.

For hardened McCann watchers, I’m sure that these places are well known to them.

However, I like to give credit where credit is due, so from time to time, I want to thank the major source of information for a particular post.

I am actively working, mining, bashing, shaping, on a particular post at the moment where the main source is the UK Justice Forum.

The Madeleine content is at

What are the main advantages of a forum, like the UK Justice Forum, over a blog like ShiningInLuz?

Primarily, you get multiple alternative inputs on a peer basis.  Ideas get evaluated through many sieves, some friendly, others less so.  There is less broadcasting and more interacting.

What are the main disadvantages of a forum v a blog?

You get multiple inputs on a peer basis.  That means people with widely differing views tending to be harshly critical of the views of others, and making that plain in posts.

And you get acres and acres of input, much of it off-topic.  Such is human nature.  Whilst a blog is where you refine it down (hopefully) to the key facts.  Short and sweet.

Let me repeat.  I am working on a single topic for a single post and the main source is a single thread at the UK Justice Forum.  That single topic on a single thread is, currently, 21 pages long at the UK Justice Forum.

My thanks and respect to the contributors at the UK Justice Forum.  I hope they will appreciate that a blog is not the best place to credit individual posters, as that would create an unwieldy blog.

However, I will acknowledge collectively those who have done much of the hard work in blazing the trail before I got there.

Therefore, a new topic is coming soon, mainly courtesy of the UK Justice Forum.


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