Tomorrow never comes

Ms Matos said the cost of this year’s lights was €13,800 plus IVA.  {Ms Matos is the mayor of Lagos, IVA = VAT.}

Give a shoebox for Christmas.  “In Lagos there is a home for orphaned and abandoned children, Lar de Jovens Nossa Senhora de Carmo, which cares for 25 children.”  Let’s see what can go in the shoebox – toys, dolls, sweets, toiletries, pens, notebooks, puzzles, balls, cosmetics, scarves, gloves, balloons, marbles etc.

The Lagos bombeiros.  “As you may know, the bombeiros multi-task on both the fire-engines and the ambulances, depending on whichever service has been called out.”  {Bomba  = pump, so bombeiro = one who pumps. I get this on fire service as way back in the days, you got a fire truck and a crew who pumped.  But ambulance?}

The Rose and Thistle – authentic British pub.  The new pub in town with a full restaurant menu and pub grub. All drinks at happy hour prices ALL THE TIME!  No 16, Rua 25 de Abril.  {I like this one.  Just a few weeks back this establishment was Windies, an authentic West Indian restaurant.  In Madeleine’s day it was the Lime Tree.}

Praia da Luz Triathlon.  Sprint and Olympic distances.  “Following the huge success of our very first triathlon in Praia da Luz, the second race is taking place on 25th April 2015.  {25th of April?  Didn’t I just read this about the Rose and Thistle?  Yes, you did, but don’t worry.  There is a Rua 25 de Abril in every city/town/village in Portugal.  It is everywhere, just like the word ‘Smith’ occurs everywhere in Britain.  And in Luz.}

The Barroca.  This is recommended because the owner, one June Wright, knows what good food is all about.  I have had the chance to peruse through her extensive collection of cookbooks.  She could fill a small library with her cooking ideas.  Let’s see, what can I recommend from the Barroca?  Of all the treats on offer, I’m going to go with Thursday, 1st Jan.  A Bloody Mary party with BBQ and buffet to soothe a hangover.

Chicca’s charity.  “Here’s a photo of six abandoned puppies rescued in Lagoa desperate for adoption.”

“The first wax museum in Portugal dedicated to the period of discoveries has opened its doors in Lagos.”

Palmeiras restaurant and bar.  {I’d never heard of this one, so it was kinda interesting.}  Chestnut cream with mushrooms.  Turkey with date and pine nuts.  Rack of lamb with rosemary.  Tranche of salmon with champagne sauce on a bed of green asparagus,  {Hmmm, let’s see.  Christmas lunch 17€ with life music.  Boxing day 15€ with life music.  New years eve 45€ with life music.  If you enjoy life music, please visit Camping Turiscampo Espiche.}  Espiche was of course the home of the Luz gardener.

Where shall I be going over Xmas?  The Barroca looks like a winner for 1st Jan 2015.

Going into Xmas, it looks like Rio’s @ No 2 wins it on the controversy vote.  Murder-mystery in Luz.  20 Dec 2014.  I am definitely going to be there.  Someone is going to get murdered.  Someone will turn out to be the murderer.  Personally, I shall be standing in the background, looking on but remaining anonymous.

All of the info above comes from  “Tomorrow” date of issue December 2014.

I love tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes


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