FSS v Eddie and Keela – apartment 5A


After Eddie and Keela alerted in 5A, another forensic team was deployed. This time the Portuguese investigators decided to get samples according to UK specifications, and the results were bagged and tagged and sent to the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Birmingham.

Given what would be found, this would be turn out to be a master-stroke for Portugal.

Making sense of the FSS findings could be made harder. They could have used ancient Greek, Braille or high-level computer encryption. As it is, the correlation of what the Portuguese put in and what the FSS pulled out is extremely complex.

If you read the information at the link above, bear in mind that 3 separate techniques were used, so quite a few of the samples turn up more than once.

Straight-forward DNA extraction was the first route. Given the small size of the samples, this was invariably unsuccessful.

Then low-copy number (LCN) was tried. Basically, this multiplies the DNA.

Third, some samples were tested for blood.

Now on to the sites in 5A. Of the 3, or possibly 4, areas signalled by Eddie, samples were taken from behind the sofa and in the garden.

A summary of the results is as follows.

Several samples were not tested e.g. grout between floor tiles.

In around a third of the samples, DNA checks did not work and LCN did not work.

In a number of cases, the LCN result was incomplete. That is, there was insufficient evidence to come to a conclusion.

In 4 samples, the profile was successfully identified. However, none of these profiles matched any of the McCanns. That is, not Gerry, not Kate, not either of the twins, and not Madeleine.

In case you are wondering, Madeleine’s DNA had been retrieved from saliva on a pillow. It matched Gerry as it should. It matched Kate as it should. Although there is a one in four chance of it matching a sibling, it did not match the twins. Therefore, it was Madeleine’s.

Back to apartment 5A, the forensic team taking the evidence also provided their own DNA mouth swabs. The successfully identified samples are not from the forensic team.

So first you have a totally unspectacular fact. There was DNA in the flat 5A that did not have anything to do with the McCanns and had nothing to do with the forensic team. And it hasn’t been matched to anyone.

Then there is the interesting part. A piece of floor tile from behind the sofa was checked. There wasn’t enough DNA to get a straight-forward check. LCN matched Madeleine McCann, though that match is complex. Possibly more than one person contributed DNA to it. It appears that Madeleine contributed DNA. A second, different test of the same tile did not find anything conclusive.

A number of samples were tested for blood. None of these found blood. The tile where Madeleine’s DNA may have been found had to use LCN, due to the size of the sample. LCN cannot tell whether a sample is blood or otherwise. Spit would do for LCN.

This means it is down to Keela, not Eddie. A lot has been said about Eddie and his capabilities. Keela is an altogether darker quantity.

According to Martin Grime, she only finds human blood. Not pig blood or beef blood but only human blood.

This leaves me with a major headache. If Keela reacts to something other than human blood then the options are wide open.

If Keela actually does restrict to only an alert of human blood, then what have we got?

Between Eddie (the cadaver dog that alerts to blood) and Keela (the dog that only alerts to human blood) and the FSS (which cannot say what bodily fluid it may be, only that it appears to match Madeleine), what have we got?

Madeleine might or might not have bled in 5Aaccording to the dogs. Or sweated, or perhaps she may, or may not, have shed a tear, according to the FSS.

Or perhaps she sneezed, and Eddie reacts to this, Keela reacts to this, and the FSS can’t tell. Perhaps.

Colonel Mustard with the lead piping in the library is so much simpler.


8 thoughts on “FSS v Eddie and Keela – apartment 5A

  1. You know, if the child had been drugged and climbed on the couch, fell and cracked her head open on the tiles, or had been bludgeoned to death by an angry parent, I’d wager there might have been a decent quantity of blood found. Or, at least, the evidence that somebody had made a serious attempt at cleaning up spilt blood. And neither was the case. As it stands, you’d expect forensic traces of MBM to have been found in 5A. Cadaver odour corresponding to the same places Keela notes? Not so much. Got to say, not impressed with the dogs. The DNA does not back up their alerts. No concrete blood found. And cadaverine, or what have you, takes some time to form… so the conspiracy theorists must push her death back by one to several days, leading to a plot involving tens and tens of people, acquaintances, nannies etc. helping the parents cover up bumping off their beautiful little girl. Does that seem likely?

    ‘Hey, listen… I know you’re a nanny, and supposed to like kids and all… but I’ve decided to do my one in. You know how they are. So, you forge the paperwork and talk to the police. I’ll stash the body and dispose of it in a few weeks. Here’s twenty quid. Mum’s the word. Wink, wink.’ (multiplied by 25 or so)

    • Personally, I’d link Keela’s alert somewhere around the point where one swab matches Madeleine is suggestive that she bled there, but it would not convince me in a court of law.

      Plus, since the amount was minute, it does not convince me that she came to any harm in 5A.

      If Keela is right and it was human blood, then Eddie would alert as the event occurred on 3rd May and Eddie went into the flat in early August. That’s plenty of time for the decomposition process.

      What the evidence strongly suggests is that most violent death theories, those involving the spilling of blood, are ruled out. That’s whether the perpetrator was the McCanns, a burglary-gone-wrong, or an abduction.

      • I don’t think blood alone will produce cadaverine… it’s the breaking down of a corpse. A spilt blood pack would not suffice.

      • Rather than rely on me, look up Martin Grime’s evidence in the files. He is very, very clear on this.

        Blood is living human tissue. When it decomposes, Eddie will alert. This is not according to me, this is according to Martin Grime.

        Cadaverine is a product of someone’s imagination. If you look up decomposition of organic material, whether human or not, cadaverine is just one of the elements.

        What, precisely, Eddie alerted to is something I’m never going to know. Perhaps it was cadaverine, or perhaps it was something else. My problem is that Eddie cannot answer because a) he is a dog and b) he is dead.

        I therefore have to go with Martin Grime. Martin is clear that Eddie would alert to decomposing blood. Not fresh blood, but blood that had been spilled.

        If Keela can be trusted, that blood has to be human.


        5A as a crime scene shows – no sign of forced entry – no sign of a struggle – no signs of a violent event. If it weren’t for the fact that Madeleine is missing (OK and that pesky shutter) then 5A simply does not look like a crime scene. That is the puzzle. Why doesn’t it look like a ‘proper’ crime scene?

    • True, I remember reading Grimey on Eddie and blood. So Eddie did cadaverine, blood, animal bones, butchery and coconuts. Cute dog, though. Now he’s dead perhaps we could get some of those psychics back on the case to get his understaairy-fairy Truerine is supposedly a compound produced when a corpse begins breaking down. Interestingly, it’s also found in small amounts on living bodies and in urine. So not massively helpful without finding forensics or a corpse. It’s all airy-fairy without actual evidence.

      It’s a very strange scene of a crime. It’s not unique- comparable cases have produced strikingly similar scenes. Entry without trace not a problem, as we discussed, in this case, though. In effect, neither door was secure. The shutter, if found up, can be explained by the motives I went through.

      One thing I think must be considered is how MBM was taken silently. A stranger taking her from her bed into the cold night air would have woken her. She would have screamed. She must have been subdued.So the question is how… and again, what the method chosen would say about an abductor.

      • I think you have just stated one of the key components of why this story will run forever.

        “It’s all airy-fairy without actual evidence.” Therefore, it is whatever a story-teller can lead you to believe.

        I have now re-checked Amaral’s book, this time looking at the Smith sighting in Portuguese. This is almost certainly the origin of Gerry-was-hustling-a-body-through-the centre-of-Luz-on-his-way-to-the-beach.

        In that chapter, in the original Portuguese version, the beach is mentioned ONLY in the chapter title. A man heading to the beach. In the chapter itself, there is NOTHING that makes the man head towards the beach.

        And yet the current reports say that the focus of imminent interviews is the man heading towards the beach. Oh, and the string of lost keys for block 5. Oh, and the rain-sodden note about the body in the Barragem da Bravura. Oh, and …..

        Evidence? Who needs evidence when there is a good yarn to be spun?

  2. One can die without bleeding, if strangled for instance.
    Imagine Smithman was an abductor and the child he carried the MC one. He was aware that 4 adults and 2 teens with Lynx eyes had spotted him. Would he dump the body in the ocean ? The ocean would bring the body back in a nutshell and then the Smith would remember that they met a guy heading towards the beach.
    If he planned dumping in the ocean in order, he certainly had to change his mind.

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