Madeleine McCann A Global Obsession

This aired on Channel 5 last night, going head to head with Scotland v England at Celtic Park.

I missed the C5 documentary because I didn’t know it was on.

The gist of it seems to be it is a story about a story.  Not really about the case itself, but about why one child (white, female, from ‘middle class’ parents) continues to get stories day after day when all the other missing children get nothing after a few weeks.

I checked Channel 5 a few minutes ago to view the trailer for the programme, and here is what I got.


Let me see – the TRAILER for A Global Obsession cannot be viewed from my current country?  Bravo, Channel 5!

The details for the programme will, no doubt, trickle out over time.  If you watched it, and you are willing to update me now, I would be most grateful.

PS  I think the recipe of white, female, middle class is missing at least one major ingredient, hence my request.


5 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann A Global Obsession

  1. Here you go:

    What’s the missing element, might I ask?

    Big news breaking now. Saw yesterday RM is to be questioned… 10 seconds during the news… almost lost my wine… had to check ‘what did he just say?’ and apparently it’s true. I’m sticking to what I said originally. If any/all of RM/MW/SM are re-interviewed, I’d wager they think they have the case cracked.

    • Diaria de Noticias had this as news a couple of days ago. Check on Joana Morais, who translates the Portuguese article well, or the BBC website.

      Robert is to be questioned as a witness, though the notice has not been sent to him because the prosecutor is ill and it looks like nothing will happen on the remaining witnesses/arguidos before the New Year, as SY appear to be in confusion over which status should apply. MW is also on the list, status unknown.

      Perhaps they do think they have the case cracked. I’d wager that they haven’t actually cracked it though. Their precision intelligence looks like buckshot fired out of a blunderbuss.

      Thanks for the link.

      There’s several missing ingredients, but the PJ files have to be one. The release of those files have provided the type of fuel for speculation that could not have occurred if they had been kept under wraps.

      Then there’s the media, and the book-writers, and the documentary makers. It is oh-so-easy for them to rack out another edition, selling copies of newspapers or on-line advertising by the yard. The on-line stuff is the worst. It is error-strewn, mainly knocked up in no time at all, and it reminds me of Victorian penny dreadfuls.

    • I enjoyed that link.

      The folks only made 1 gaff that I could pick up, and it does explain why the media did, and will evermore, report on Madeleine McCann.

      No further forward on the actual case, but very enjoyable so thank you again.

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